7 Must Have Fall Staples for Warmer Climates

If you live in a place where fall doesn’t get cold enough to comfortably pile on several layers of clothing, you’re missing out on a lot of the fun and action! Don’t worry, though, because you can still somehow enjoy the perks of dressing for the cold weather without sacrificing comfort. All you need is to make sure your wardrobe is stocked and ready to go with fall staples that are neither too light nor too heavy. Speaking of, here are 6 must have fall staples for warmer climates.

  • LIGHT AND LOOSE CARDIGANS – this one makes a good alternative to the heavier outerwear that you usually see on fashionistas from colder places in fall. Go for a maxi cardigan with details like fringes to add drama to a simple fall look. These are perfect because they’re neither too light to leave you cold nor too heavy and warm to leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.light neutral cardigan
    light blue knitted cardigan
  • LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS – instead of the chunky knitted pullover, a long sleeved shirt is a much more preferable and reasonable item to have in your closet if you live in an area where fall is a little warmer. Opt for a loose fit to create a chic and laidback casual look or go for something more figure hugging to add a sexy vibe to your fall look.long sleeved stripes shirt
  • ANKLE BOOTS – ankle boots are perfect for fall if you live somewhere warm. They’re a better alternative to tall / high cut boots but they provide the same warmth and dryness for your feet. They’re easier to style and mix and match with as well. You can wear them with just about anything and everything from your wardrobe, be it jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts or whatever else you have.ankle boots and cute shirt dress
  • PLAID – anything plaid always evokes the feeling of autumn so a light plaid shoes or even plaid printed accessories would be perfect for fall in warm places because they don’t necessarily have to be heavy or chunky.plaid shirt and leather pants plaid shirt and jeansplaid scarf with sweater
  • LEATHER PANTS – they’re super wearable all year long but they’re best worn during the colder seasons like fall and winter. What’s great about leather pants is that they’re never too hot or uncomfortable and they’re extremely versatile so just wear them with a fall staple of your liking and rock it like it’s nobody’s business.leather pants and layered outfit look
  • STATEMENT HATS – wear them to hide a bad hair day or to protect your hair from a light drizzle. Hats make great fall accessories for warmer places because they don’t make you feel as warm and won’t leave you too sweaty at all.statement hat purple
  • TASSELS AND FRINGES – another really easy way to channel the fall season to your look without necessarily adding a lot of warmth to your look is to simply add tassels or fringes to it. Just like plaid, tassels and fringes evoke the feeling of fall all the time so adding them to your outfit is a surefire way to give it a nice, autumnal vibe.

fringe sandals crocheted tassel accent on jacket

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