MUA Undressed Palette vs Urban Decay NAKED palette

MUA Undressed Palette vs Urban Decay NAKED palette

So I have survived my first week of placement which was general observations and group tasks. This week coming we begin teaching and we are also off on a school trip!

Anyway, if you saw my last post, MUA have brought out a new palette called the Undressed Palette… I lightly hinted that it rivals a more well known palette in the make up world and that is the Urban Decay NAKED palette…

 MUA-Undressed-Palette-vs-Urban-Decay-NAKED-palette MUA-Undressed-Palette-vs-Urban-Decay-NAKED-palette1 MUA2


So I am going to show you the comparisons between the shades as they look very similar indeed!*Each of the following pictures will follow the format of top picture- no flash and second picture – flash*

The UD Virgin shade is more pigmented


Very alike!
Better colour pay off from UD here as MUA shade 3 is less pigmented however I prefer the colour more!
Both as gorgeous as one another!
None of the matte colours are the same.


 MUA13 MUA14
MUA Shade 6 is a more warmer colour.
 MUA15 MUA16 mua111
This is the only shimmer shade that isn’t nearly the same however they are both still lovely colours
 MUA17 MUA18
MUA Shade 8 is slightly warmer in tone but UD Toasted and Shade 9 are very similar.
 MUA19 MUA20
 Both the same!


 MUA21 MUA22
MUA Shade 11 is a deeper black colour
 MUA23 MUA24
 MUA Shade 12 is more blue in tone and has less glitter in it.
Packaging – 
In my opinion the NAKED palette is a lot more luxurious as it has a lovely packaging. The velvet palette and golden lettering really shout expensive and unique. However, MUA have managed to fit the exact same number of eye shadows into a smaller packaging so the Undressed palette would be far more suitable for travelling. What’s more is the MUA palette displays all the shadows with it’s see through lid where as I can sometimes find myself forgetting what my NAKED palette has in it. Overall, I have to say that the NAKED palette wins it for me on looks but the MUA is best for travelling.
Price & Value for Money – 
The Urban Decay NAKED palette is £36 which is a heavy price tag. However, you get 12 extremely good quality shadows which is £3 a shadow plus you may also get an eyeshadow brush with it too. I got the double ended 24/7 eyeliner with mine when it was at the good old price of £26! It may seem a steep price but when it is broken down into what you are getting for your money… It doesn’t seem much at all. MUA however are only charging £4 for their palette which is extremely good! No one needs to justify spending that on an eyeshadow palette. You get 12 eyeshadows for £4 and a double ended eyeshadow applicator! BARGAIN! Overall I think MUA has to win this section but UD are close contenders.
Quality – 
The NAKED palette is without a shadow of a doubt ‘quality’. The eye shadows are super pigmented and silky to apply. MUA also have done really well with the quality of their eyeshadows and they are also brilliantly pigmented however, the two matte colours in the Undressed palette do let them down as they are not great for colour pay off. I think Urban Decay win this one on quality!
Overall –
Overall, I think both palettes are brilliant. There is a clear difference between the prices of these palette but this means one palette is definately a ‘splurge’ purchase and one a ‘save’ purchase. MUA have done brilliantly at rivalling the Urban Decay NAKED palette with their Undressed palette. However, Urban Decay will always continue to be highly respected in the make up world but I think MUA are definately going to be the next big thing in the make up world!

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