MUA Glitter Liners Review

I’ll be the first to confess that whilst I love glitter liners I have been guilty in the past of spending silly money on them, wearing them once to the office Christmas party and then shoving them to the back of a draw never to be seen again.Here is my review of MUA Glitter Liners !

As much as I may love ‘em it just isn’t something I can normally get away with wearing so this year I said “no Claire. Put the sparkles down and back away. Drop the purse and no one gets hurt”. Until of course I saw that Superdrug had a rainbow of colours from the MUA range for 1 FREAKING POUND! I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting much for a quid but I reasoned with myself that even if they were rubbish I could make them work and them not feel guilty I didn’t use them again.

MUA Glitter Liners

I originally just picked up two shades; Shade 2 which is a pale gold and Shade 4 which is more of an orange/ copper gold. Both are gorgeous and the swatches below were one swipe. The glitter is fairly dense and suspended in a clear gel making these perfect to layer over normal liners. You need to keep be careful for about 20 seconds after applying as they do take a little while to dry but once they have I’ve experienced no issues with glitter transferring any where it shouldn’t. I’ve already worn these on a night out and they lasted very well.

MUA Glitter Liners1

The applicator is a thin brush which is surprisingly high quality for the price. I haven’t found that these splay out or make a mess at all. In order to get an evenly pigmented line you may have you make sure there is enough glitter on there or at least do a couple of swipes across the lid.

I was so pleased with these that I went back and bought another! This is shade 7, a gorgeous purple. I can see this looking rather fab with a silver smokey eye for new years eve.

MUA Glitter Liners2

MUA Glitter Liners3

I’m giving serious consideration to going back for a green to use with the gold somehow for a mad Christmas eye. I’m sure I’ve seen silver and pink versions too so you could get a whole rainbow of colours for the price of one higher end glitter liner. Love them! X

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