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MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles nails review

Hello there beauties! so now here is my MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles review!

After my previous foray into the weird and wonderful world of textured nails with the MUA Nail Constellations. I was excited to see the Fur Effects range launched.

I bought mine online straight from the MUA website and i was most impressed i chose standard shipping and my product was with me near enough the next day.

The little tub essentially contains coloured fluff and the instructions say to apply it over your favourite MUA polish. I don’t have an MUA polish in a colour similar enough so i dug out my OPI Louvre me, Louvre me not, which although not the exact color i felt it gave a good base for the raspberry coloured fluff.

MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles

MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles2 MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles3 MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles4

Now the idea is the you paint a couple of coats of polish on and the shake the fluff through the sifter inside onto your nails. 

MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles2

For the life of me i could not get the stuff to come through the sifter so i took the second option of application which was to remove if the sifter and roll my nails directly in the fluff. I would recommed, er, fluffing up , the fluff before doing this. Once you’ve got the fluff on give it a minute or so before gently using a small fluffy brush to brush of the excess back into the tub.
MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles3


 The finished effect, as you can see in the picture below, is what i’d call “interesting” it reminds me alot of the fuzzy felt i used to play with as a kid. Its also a bit on the clumpy side for my liking, but i reckon a bit more fluffing (i’m sorry that just sounds wrong!!) before application would sort that and i think next time i give this a try i’d leave a bit more time before brushing off the excess as i seem to have left my poor old pinkie with a
slight bald patch.
MUA Fur Effects Fluff & Cuddles4

As for how this wore throughout the day, well, it actually held up quite well, even through washing my hands, obviously i took a bit more care than usually but they dried after a minute or so. I wouldn’t want to do anything too challenging with my hands while wearing this but i do think it makes a nice novelty nail for those times where i’m in the mood for something different.

Have you tried the Fur effects? How did you get on?

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