MUA Eye Dust review shade2

Hi girls, here is my review of MUA Purple Eye Dust shade 2

After being totally impressed/surprised at the quality of the cheapie MUA Heaven and Earth palette (£4!!) I went to have a look to see the other offerings my Superdrug had for me. There were a few eyeshadows I picked up that were really pigmented, but the one other product that really stood out to me was the selection of Eye Dust’s they had. These are really similar to Barry M’s Dazzle Dust, but only £1! Oh my god, I’m getting excited just writing this. These aren’t going to break the bank which is fantastic for experimenting with new colours around your eyes when you’re feeling brave to find out what suits you but don’t want to be spending £20 on an eyeshadow, I’m looking at YOU Chanel!
I picked up a few colours but the Purple (Shade 2) had to be a sure winner.mua eye dust shade 2

(If you guys like my Leopard Nails, check out my ‘How To’ guide HERE!)mua eye dust shade 2 swatches
(blended with flash)mua eye dust purple shade 2

mue eye dust makeup shade 2

With Flashmua purple eye dust  makeup look shade 2
 Without Flashmua eye dust shade 2 makeup look

It’s my best friends birthday this weekend (HAAAAAY EMILY!) so I was experimenting with some different eye looks rather than my usual black smudge! These Eye Dusts are super pigmented, shimmery and easily blended but like all other loose eyeshadows- be prepared for a crap load of fall-out!!!