” MUA cream blusher in Scrummy and Bourjois Maxi Delight bronzer in 02″

” MUA cream blusher in Scrummy and Bourjois Maxi Delight bronzer in 02″

Hehe, see what I did there? anyway o.O on to my post of today. I am going to be featuring two products I have been using constantly on my cheeks since I bought them! one is the MUA cream blusher in Scrummy and the other is the Bourjois Maxi Delight bronzer in 02.

now I haven’t always been that obsessed with cheek products but my collection has grown considerably the more I have been blogging. MUA is a brand I have always adored. I own their blushers, lipsticks, palettes, eyeshadows etc, and to be honest there has only been one product I haven’t liked by them. their range is fantastic quality for the price and you seriously wouldn’t think it cost only £1 or at most £5. I feel like sometimes their packaging lets them down being plastic, but come on! its made of some pretty decent plastic haha.

now onto the blusher, I bought this when I went to superdrug on payday and just thought to hell with it and grabbed it. I have never used a cream blush before and wanted to try a cheaper alternative before I bought the bourjois ones because they are pricier at 7.99.

MUA cream-blusher-in-Scrummy-and-Bourjois-Maxi-Delight-bronzer-in-02

first impressions were good, it is very easy to put on and I use my real techniques stippling brush to blend it out, you can use your fingers but im not a fan of letting my fingers touch my face when applying base makeup. I find the application is easy as the product is really nice and creamy. in all honesty, it has probably subsided my hurry to try the bourjois one and instead I might just purchase all the MUA cream blushes.

if I had to say there is a downside to this product then it would be the smell. It has a rather plastic smell that I am not keen on but you can just choose to ignore it it doesn’t bother you too much 🙂

 MUA- cream-blusher-in-Scrummy-and-Bourjois-Maxi-Delight-bronzer-in-022

the next product is the bronzer! I picked this up on the same superdrug trip as the cream blusher as bourjois had it on an introductory offer of 5.99 so I literally though yoink! and brought it home with me. thinking about it this is actually my first ever bourjois product, that ive bought anyway.

 MUA - cream-blusher-in-Scrummy-and-Bourjois-Maxi-Delight-bronzer-in-023

first impressions was definitely the smell. it smells heavenly, kind of like chocolate, and it lingers on your face all day. which I love, because I can sometimes faintly smell chocolate, unless im going mad.

since buying this I haven’t gone back to my sleek contour kit, which must be a good thing as that product is a god send. the pigmentation on this giant baby is great, so the amount of product you get it going to last you forever.

if I had to say one thing it is that it is a little too shimmery, but if it bothers you matte it down with a face powder afterwards 🙂


 MUA-cream-blusher-in-Scrummy-and-Bourjois-Maxi-Delight-bronzer in 02



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