MUA Brush On Concealer Pen Review

Heya Friends, Here is my new  MUA Brush On Concealer Pen Review.

mua brush on concealer brush

MUA Brush On Concealer Pen Review

I love MUA. Majority of the time, their products are ridiculous value for money, and can often compare as dupes to some other much lovely, more expensive beauties (Cough Naked palette anyone?). I have recently ran out of my under eye concealer, and popped this in my basket when I recently ordered from Superdrug.

Now let’s just get the negatives quickly out the way – my brush, in no way or form, worked. It’s one of those pens you twist around to pump up the product (not the most hygienic). Yet no matter how many times I twisted this pen, which was quite hard to do, nothing came out. I ended up having to completely take the thing apart, and then to the best of my ability, transfer the product to a little pot.

Secondly, I find this concealer so, so smelly. Think old granny mixed with on of those little shops that sells nothing but incense sticks. Not exactly the best kind of smells to put near your eyes but I can confirm this doesn’t sting or irritate, just leaves you with a bit of a smelly face.

Now that the cons are out the way, on to the pros. This is concealer has a lovely, thick, creamy consistency, which I find covers my super dark circles wonderfully. I am umming and aahing about purchasing the Sigma P80 for the under eye area, as I find my F80 kind of just absorbs the concealer a bit!

I think this is a great concealer on a budget, and would probably pick one up again, providing the pen would actually work! It comes in only one colour – Radiance, which I find would probably be quite adaptable for most skin colours.

What do you use for dark circles?

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