Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hi guys! With Mother’s Day approaching this coming Sunday, I wanted to make a post sharing some gift ideas that I think would make great presents! Not gonna lie – I find it much easier to shop for moms than dads… but hopefully this is helpful in case you are in a rut and are unsure what your mom would be interested in! 
  • Kate Spade phone case – she has really cute patterns and designs, it might be something your mom wouldn’t buy for herself but would love! 
  • Bliss Hot Salt Scrub – definitely like bringing her the spa since Bliss uses this in their own spa. A great body scrub is an essential to any woman! 
  • Chanel eyeshadow palette – I think getting any piece of Chanel would be amazing and the brand is quite classic so you can’t go wrong with any of it.
  • Yves Saint Laurent lipstick – Ok, really, who wouldn’t want a YSL lipstick? That’s not even a question! 
  • Fresh Rose Face Mask – Another spa-type item but it’s again something your mom might not purchase for herself but would be a lovely treat! Sidenote: there are really rose petals in this mask! Love it!
  • Flowers – so classic and a quick get if you need something fast – my fave flowers are tulips and roses! 
  • Tiffany & Co. Bracelet – Maybe something for your dad to get your mom but definitely a beautiful gift and its something your mom can wear everyday and think of you! 
  • Fragrance – I chose the Jo Malone Red Roses because it definitely reminds me of moms and I did get my mom this one for her this year.. she gave me a hint on that one. It smells so nice and fresh, perfect ‘mom’ fragrance.
  • Michael Kors purse – Again, maybe something for you dad to put his name on but I’m sure any mom would enjoy a Michael Kors bag, there are so many colours, patterns, and styles to choose from! 
Hope this helped out! I think there are some nice ideas for your mom and some I would definitely enjoy myself. 😉 What are you thinking about getting your mom this year?

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