Mother Nature Style: How to Wear the Water Element Fashion

The ocean waves, water droplets, and cascading waterfalls evoke a sensual and calming feel. If you wish to evoke the same feel on your street style, keep on reading for our styling tricks to look absolutely stunning like a water goddess.

Draw inspiration from the colors of the oceans.

cobalt blue dress with white minibag

suede dress with stylish shoes sexy pussy bow maxi dress ruffled pastel blue dress pastel green chiffon dress pastel blue maxi dress with cute bag

The ocean embodies the spirit of the water element. So, you can copy the look with shades of green, aqua, cobalt blue, navy blue, and such to mirror the water element in its different aspects. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may start by going for a rich color of blue like a cobalt blue dress and complement your outfit with a pristine white mini bag that resembles the motifs of the seaside scene. For a romantic look, go for lighter shades of the ocean colors like aqua or pastel blue on your breezy dresses. If you may, you could wear different shades of blue on your outfit to embody the different depth of the waters such as navy blue, light blue or even black.

Opt for cascading and bubbly silhouettes resembling water’s nature.

blue ruffled silk blouse with black skirt and artistic boots dress watch with breezy dress denim ruffled blouse breezy cold shoulder dress with thong sandals breezy blue chiffon dress blue tunic dress with nude mules ruffled cobalt blue dress off shoulder blouse with skinny jeansgray outfit with metallic bag

Make waves on your street style by mimicking the movements of water through fluid silhouettes, bubbly styles, and even shiny wet-look fabrics. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of a flowy maxi dress or a ruffled chambray blouse that can reflect the water element inspired look. Flowy and diaphanous fabrics can mimic the feel of cascading waterfalls while smooth and fluid ones can reflect the water’s intangible nature. You can also achieve the ruffled look by belting your outfits or adding some tweaks to your style. When making any alterations, always keep the water movements in mind.

Select prints that resemble droplets of water and ocean ripples.

metallic blue wrap maxi dress bubbly water inspired dress avant garde printed dress with ankle strap shoes ocean inspired maxi dressblue printed maxi dress

Nowadays, you can now find glamorous dresses with touches of whites, blues, and grays, along with alligator skin on a multi-textured look perfect for cocktail parties and even daytime wear. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may go for a wrap maxi dress with long metallic droplet embellishments and prints that evoke ripples and ocean sprays. Or, look like a water goddess on your upcoming formal party like Jenny Bernheim did by wearing an elegant black dress with a bubble-inspired design that looks glamorous.

cobalt blue and silver dress tie dye maxi skirt with white blouse animal print maxi dress

For a fresh look for the summer, you may be inspired by Kristina Bazan’s style of wearing a cobalt blue and silver dress featuring some scaly metallic textures that look elegant and sleek. Tie-die prints, abstract patterns, and even small scale graphics can mimic the water movements that will add some wavy fee to your looks. Drawing inspiration from nature, especially on the element of water will make your street style more creative, artistic, and unexpected.

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