Mother Nature Style: How to Wear the Fire Element Fashion

One of the four elements of nature, fire is known for its dynamic and dramatic properties. Whether you wish to reflect your passionate personality or a mythology-inspired look, keep on reading for our creative ways on how to wear the fire-element fashion.

Opt for the flame-inspired colors on your outfits.

all red outfit with ankle strap shoes

sleeveless fur jacket with leather trousers red high low cocktail dress red blouse with silk skirt halter maxidress with lace up sandals fire element inspired dress with boots

The color of the flame varies from yellow, orange, and red, so you may go for single or combined shades to wear the fire-inspired look. Like fashion blogger Briana Lamb, you may simply opt for a color paneled dress in the shades of black and red to add some fiery vibe to your street looks. If you’re looking for a daring, sexy, and passionate looks on your upcoming party, opt for a bright red cocktail dress like Annabelle Fleur’s wearing, or a burgundy matching set in silk blouse and skirt like Kristina Bazan wore, which looks more classy and refined. Accented with the color of flames you can effortlessly wear the fire element look on your street style.

Select silhouettes with provoking styles to embody the fire’s turbulent nature.

avant garde top with skinny pants red peplum blazer suit with red straight leg pants flowy coral dress fire inspired dress festive red dress with statement sandals cropped straight leg pants with red coat black fire inspired silhouette dress belted cape with chevron skirtred slit maxi with gladiator sandals sweater with peplum maxi skirt

Since fire is known for its dynamic properties, opt for provoking silhouettes, ethereal fabrics, and spectacular details that reflect the spontaneous and turbulent nature of the element. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of a festive dress like fur that adds some drama to your outfit, or a breezy maxi dress with flowing silhouette for a romantic vibe. Go edgy with sharp edges on your outfit or simply belt your blanket scarf to add some billowy yet stylish structure to your outfit. Just like fire, opt for a style that will be perfect for you who is fierce, passionate, and not afraid to stand-out.

Wear fire graphic print ensembles.

catching fire inspired dress fire print graphic sweater with edgy outfitfire printed top red band coat with statement skirt fire-inspired coat and pants red button down dress with suede pumps

The most effortless and striking way to wear the fire-element fashion is to go for fire graphic prints or other prints that resemble the element. Like fashion blogger Briana Lamb, you may go bold in a graphic print dress that will make the statement for you. Or, add some eccentric statement on your grunge and edgy looks with a fire print sweater, leggings, or tee making your style a bit unexpected and fierce. If you’re aiming for a romantic look, be inspired by Veronica Popoiacu’s style of wearing a red dress with flowy silhouette and patterns resembling the fire element.

Complete your looks with elegant and classy accessories.

bold red outfit with printed boots red stilettos with fire inspired dress red scarf navy maxi dress red fur coat with chic outfitred tunic dress with platform sandals ruby red earrings with red dress and red pumps studded heels with all-red outfit

Red bandana scarves, pointy toe pumps, red stiletto pumps, red snake-print bags, red headscarves, ruby red gold earrings and such can be great to complete the fire-inspired looks you’re aiming for. Before going for a head-to-toe red outfit, remember that the color itself is striking and may exaggerate your overall looks. But if you’re bold enough, feel free to go red. This way, you’ll be able to rule the streets with your dramatic and fiery street looks inspired by the element of fire.

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