Mother Nature Style: How to Wear the Earth Element Fashion

One of the four elements of nature, the earth-element allows growth of vegetation and support life. Whether you wish to glorify the nature by wearing the earthy colors, or simply wish to make our fashion style simple and traditional, keep on reading for our styling tricks on wearing the earth-element fashion.

Go for the earthy palette of rust, red-orange, brown, forest green and such.

chocolate brown vintage dress with ballet flats

suede on suede outfit with masculine shoes suede maxi dress with jacket poncho with suede boots maxi dress with edgy leather jacket fur coat with jogger pants and mules feminine maxi dress earth tone coat with dress

The earth is full of a wide variety of rocks and minerals which you can draw inspiration from your color palette. But basically, the shades of rust, red-orange, forest-green and brown are considered primitive, natural, and organic that can evoke the same feel when worn into your looks. You may think of a dress or a coat with ombre style that embodies the layers of the earth on its blending colors and fading hues. Going for a monochromatic shade of chocolate brown on your outfit will give some vintage and earthy feel to your style.

Opt for silhouettes and designs that emulate the earth-element.

embellished gold skirt with avant garde top nature-inspired outfit fur vest with skinny jeans and sandals fur coat with brown pants fringe skirt with suede top fringe bag with fur vest and jeans forest green nature-inspired dress with edgy boots

You may think of silhouettes and details that embody the rocks, sands, and trees, as well as other modern and primitive details that reflect the characteristics of the element. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may think of a nature-inspired dress with leaf-like details and forest colors that you can wear on the streets. Feather, fringe, and sequin may be great to complement your theme depending on their styles and design. Like street style star Olivia Palermo, you may opt for a fringed suede skirt that will look perfect with a camel blouse. Just feel free whether you’ll go for the retro style of dresses or breezy fabric that will add some flair to your looks.

Select nature-inspired prints and tribal patterns.

metallic gold maxi dress tribal print kimono with grunge outfit tree print dress suede boots with bohemian outfit ruffled crop top with tribal print skirt poncho with camel pants palm print maxi dress

Floral prints, tropical patterns, and nature-inspired prints are great for channeling your earthy vibe, especially if they’re in the shades of camel, rust, forest-green and such. Tribal patterns were shown in the early civilizations that you may draw inspiration from when creating your earth-element inspired style. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may think of wearing a tribal print skirt and a black off shoulder top to channel your earthy vibe with a vintage feel on your fashion style. Just complete your looks with complementing accessories like cuffs and a pair of platform sandals.

Wear some nature-inspired accessories to complete your elemental theme.

avant garde spring dress suede dress with trench coat striped top and fringe skirt with bib necklace nature-inspired bag with chic dress leather belt with maxi dress and leather jacket fur dress with coat and wide belt

Nature inspired embroidered bags, tasseled belts, suede boots, wooden necklace, and some animal print pieces can be great to complement the earth-element inspired look you’re aiming for. However, be sure to keep them the focal point on your outfit by keeping your outfit simple and muted, or wearing muted accessories with them. By heeding our style guidelines, you can achieve the earth element fashion you’re aiming for without drawing away from your signature style.

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