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I saw this tag on the lovely Rachel’s blog ‘Lifestyle of a Sweetaholic’ and as I haven’t done a tag in a while I thought I would do it as I love reading these kinds of things. These aren’t necessarily my current favourites or even products I use that much at the moment but they are the ones I’ve worn the most…



Lipstick – This one is easy because compared to my other lipsticks this one is nearly all gone!! It’s the 17 Mirrorshine lipstick in ‘Beehive’. It’s so easy to wear and feels like a lip balm when you put it on. It’s a gorgeous colour and good for every day. Not a fan of the packaging but it feels really nice on the lips

Mirrorshine lipstick in ‘Beehive


Lipgloss – I don’t really wear lipgloss now, but before I got into lipsticks I always used to wear this Clarins Lipgloss all the time. I haven’t worn it in ages but it’s the one I’ve technically worn the most so I thought I would include it. It’s clear with little pink sparkles in it and looks nice with any kind of look

3 Lipgloss


Eyeliner – My most worn eyeliner is the MAC Gel Liner in ‘Blacktrack’. I wear this pretty much every day and it’s the 2nd pot I’ve bought. I use a tiny little nail art brush to apply it and create my winged liner. I do fancy trying some other ones though when this one runs out

4 Eyeliner


Nail Polish – I always have gel on my nails so I very rarely wear nail polish. However my most used nail polish is probably OPI’s ‘Elephantastic Pink’ which is pretty bright but I used to wear it all year round. Looks great on fingers and toes too.

5 Nail Polish

5 OPI nail polish


Eyeshadow – This is a tricky one as I usually wear a bronze coloured eyeshadow and there are about 4 I mix and match from. However my most used is probably one by the brand 17 in ‘Chalice’. It’s a great colour and blends really easily.

6 Glitter Eyeshadow

6 eyeshadow glitter


Concealer – Easy: Collection ‘Lasting Perfection Concealer’. I’ve got through about 4 or 5 of these and will continue to repurchase it until I find something better for a similar price… which I can’t see happening any time soon!

7 Concealer


Foundation – This is easy. My all time favourite foundation and more worn is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I used to repurchase this every time I ran out and id stock up when it was on 3 for 2 coz I loved it so much! I’m currently making a point of using up the other foundation I’ve bought but not liked as much and once they are gone it will be good old Healthy Mix back in my life. 

8 borjois Foundation


Finishing Powder – Although it may not look like it, my most worn finishing powder is this one from Illamasqua. Its transparent (although I do find it makes my foundation look slightly lighter) but its gives a beautiful finish and doesn’t leave my skin looking too matte or anything. Although it’s my most worn powder I’ve still got loads left so this is going to last me for ages!

9 Finishing Powder illamasqua


Blush – This is really tricky as although I never used to like or wear blush, I’ve somehow manage to buy loads of blushes recently… and I only ever use a tiny amount on my cheek bones! However I guess my most used is probably the Natural Collection Blush in ‘Pink Cloud’ as its one of the first ones I bought and I used to use it loads… although it doesn’t look like it.

12 Bronzer bourjois


Mascara – This is hard because I don’t really wear mascara but I guess my most worn mascara is the Covergirl Lashblast Volume which I have been using loads recently. One that I used to use a lot ages ago was the L’Oreal Telescopic but don’t have the tube anymore

13 Mascara  P&G


I’ve tried each little section shorter than normal as I end up going into mini reviews of each product and the blog post ends up being like an essay!! However if you do want a review on a particular just leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to do it

I forgot how much I like doing tags, so if you know of anymore or if there’s a particular one you’d like me to do then let me know… and feel free to leave the links to your blogs if you’ve done this tag too!


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