Most Fashionable Patterns and Prints to Wear

Ever get tired of wearing only solid colors? Then play with pattern and prints! Patterns and prints will add some dimension, texture, and interest to whatever you’re wearing. Many variations of the leading patterns exist as designers are continuously striving to come up with unique and diverse styles to make your clothes dynamic and bold. Here are your print choices to make a twist to your wardrobe.

Houndstooth Patterns

houndstooth pattern coat

Houndstooth, also referred to as dog’s tooth, is a pattern classified by broken checks or abstract four-pointed forms, often in black and white and can be found in a variety of colors nowadays. It started in the Scottish lowlands as woven wool fabric. Houndstooth is versatile since it has a both modern and classic feel. Incorporating a piece that has a houndstooth pattern will make your style more aggressive and intense. You can dress in houndstooth head to toe if you know how to do it right. If you are not at ease with it from the start, you can begin on small patterns.

Paisley Prints

paisley skirt

Paisley is a stylized teardrop-shaped print originated in Persia and India, although its name comes from Paisley, a town in central Scotland. Paisley today can be identified in various fabrics, such as handkerchiefs, bandannas, dresses, and skirts. Because paisley is generally found in bandannas, there is a slight gangster association with it. If sporting a busy pattern such as paisley, make sure to stay to solid colors for the rest of the attire. If you want to try things out with paisley but are hesitant, find a shirt or skirt that is tonal so you still have that great pattern to work with, but in something more demure.

Geometric and Op-Art Prints

geometric print dress op art black and white dress

Geometric prints are patterns of shapes such as lines, triangles, circles, rectangles, ellipses, and polygons. While op-art prints are abstract artwork that generates the illusion of motion, vibrating effects, overstated sense of depth, or other visual effects. You can play with then since some their prints give a slimming effect.

Herringbone and Chevron

chevron black and white dress herringbone patterned dress

The herringbone pattern is a v-shaped weaving pattern. It is identified in several fabrics and most of the times mistaken for the chevron pattern. The distinction between the two is the break at reversal, which makes the herringbone pattern look like a broken zigzag. They are often found in casual coats, dresses, and blazers, and are typically pairing of black and another color, such as white, blue, or brown. To keep it classic, you can wear them in a small pattern, but if you want a more modern look, you can wear a bigger one. This look will make you style both simple and conventional but sophisticated and smart.

Camouflage Prints

camouflage coat

Camouflage is a print that hides the object by blending it into its surroundings or presenting a false impression of a disruptive pattern. This print is widely used in military uniforms but has made it into the world of fashion as well. Since camouflage print has a strong military association, this is worn by those who want to exhibit an edgy chic style.

Animal Prints

leopard print coat zebra print coat

Animal prints such as leopard, zebra, cheetah, snakeskin, and alligator are stunning to see as they have been used to make outfits for a show stopping style. Today, it is used to feature coats, dresses, skirts, and have often been applied to create handbags, footwear, belts, and fashion accessories. Wearing animal prints make you stand out from the crowd since it is fierce and exotic.

Floral Prints

floral dress

Floral prints are made up of pictures of flowers that are common for dresses, tops, and skirts. Delicate floral prints and give a hint of femininity to your style so you can bring out your feminine allure with every outfit and accessory you wear.

Polka Dots

polka dots top in jeans

Polka dots are a sequence of circles of various shapes and colors that are typical in women’s clothing. Like any striking pattern, polka dots are best used in moderation. It’s hard to get away with sporting a polka dot shirt or pants without making a striking statement. But, if you want to bring a touch of playfulness to your style, or want to do a fashion back to earlier times, polka dots might work for you.

Gingham Checks

gingham blue skirt

Gingham is a pattern known by white and colored, even-sized checks. The gingham check can simply be worn with anything. It is one of the most typical, versatile and stylish patterns. You can even wear it with another pattern, but make sure that the two patterns aren’t of the same size. You can keep it simple, by wearing gingham checked to an otherwise simple outfit.

Argyle Pattern

argyle patterned tights

An argyle or argyll pattern is a checkerboard of interlocking diamonds. The pattern typically uses two or three colors and is used in knitted fabrics and socks to add a sense of style, texture, and dimension.

Tartan Plaid

tartan pattern suit match red tartan pants

Tartan plaid consists of traversing bands or stripes of color, almost at right angles. Tartans are closely related to Scotland and were originally created by interweaving various colored threads. Nowadays, the tartan pattern is often printed using dyes.

As you get accustomed to playing with prints and patterns, you can try things out with different scales and layering everything together. Doing so brings a bit of shape and interest to your style, much more than vivid colors can do on their own. A greater understanding of what you are wearing will make you fashionable, confident, and a style setter!


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