MOR Marshmallow Perfume Review


 Perfume Review - MOR Marshmallow

MOR marshmallow is a nostalgic sent to me, it takes me back to my very first year of university where I religiously slathered myself in the Marshmallow body souffle before heading out on a date. To me it was the scent of femininity, sweet and girlie in all its sugary goodness. My ideal ‘scent’ has certainly changes from that time, almost 7 years ago, but the scent now fills me with happy memories of a point in my life where I felt free to be myself for the first time.

When I was offered the chance to review the MOR Marshamllow perfume I jumped at the opportunity because I already knew how much I would enjoy wearing and reviewing it. The MOR Marshmallow range was the first ‘higher end’ body product that I ever purchased for myself when I landed a job working in the cosmetics section of Myer. I would spend my break browsing the shelves filled with beautifully scented products and eventually settled on the Marshmallow range. With it’s boudoir style packaging and powdery, ultra-feminine scent I fancies myself as some old-world belle whenever I used the products.

Since that time Marshmallow remains one of MOR’s most popular lines and has been re-packed with some products being discontinued and others entering the line. MOR products are beautiful to look at, with a luxe style packaging that cries out to be on display.

As for the scent itself, I am currently using the roll-on perfume for this review. MOR describes the Marshmallow scent as “Vanilla Musk with Jasmine Flower gloriously rapture in this pretty feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose Petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy blend beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume.”

Marshmallow is not a complex fragrance, it’s soft and very linea. This means that when you apply it to the skin you get the whole lot all in one go, there’s no development. It’s just pure, sweet marshmallow from start to finish. There is a hint of sheer vanilla that feels very much like a gauzy layer of chiffon on a wedding gown – it’s transparent and certainly isn’t the feature or focal point of the dress but really adds to the overall softness and movement.

Clean musk adds a slightly boudoir, old-world feel that I love. Roses contribute a balance to the musk and candy-sweetness, creating a floral aroma that grounds the airy vanilla. However, if you don’t really like rose fear not! These roses aren’t heavy or potent, they’re very much in the background of Marshmallow. There is a definite powderiness that also adds the boudoir appeal and I think this represents the ‘idea’ of a marshmallow very well, like the fine dusting of powder that you get on an actual marshmallow. I’m not sure that I would call this a ‘food-y’ scent even though it has a candied aspect.

Overall this is a very simple, light fragrance that would suit lovers of sweet smells. This fragrance is also great for people who like their perfume to stay close to the skin and be more of a subtle enhancement to their style. Marshmallow is low on longevity, but the roll-on option means that you can always keep your perfume close by. It’s also an affordable product too, with the roll-on being priced at a reasonable $19.95AUD. Although I don’t like to pigeon hole perfumes and I certainly do not believe that fragrance and age go together I do feel that this particular product is aimed at a younger crowd. People who enjoy powerful, vintage or complex fragrance might find marshmallow too sweet or simple for their tastes.

The Marshmallow range includes a hand cream (which I will have a review of up very soon), lip gloss, Candle set in a gorgeous pink tea cup (want!!), Body Cream, Body Oil, Triple-milled Soap and Bathing elixir (doesn’t that sound luxurious!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the range or any MOR products for that matter, are there any other great products I should check out?