Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask Review

Hey Girls, Check out my new Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask Review.

I do love a good face mask, so when I was contacted by Montagne Jeunesse about trying their new face mask range I jumped at the chance! My skin has been acting up a bit recently, I’ve got dry skin around the mouth and a few painful blemishes along my jaw line.

The new range has five different masks in for different skin problems, such as oily skin, blemished skin, dry skin and so on. The one I’m trying out for the sake of this review is the ‘Break Out Mask’.

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask Review

After ensuring all make-up is off the skin (either by cleansing and toning or just a quick swipe with a face wipe!) apply a thick layer of the face mask to the skin. Wait around 15 – 20 minutes for the mask to do it’s magic (it’ll probably dry and become really quite uncomfortable, try to keep facial expressions to a complete minimum unless you want to be showered in face mask dandruff! Then rinse the mask off and bask in your new found beauty.

Then, it’s time to use the amazing little addition these new face mask ranges have. This particular mask has an added moisturiser.


Tea tree: The most common ingredient in problem skin products. Tea Tree helps get rid of bacteria that can lead to blemishes.

Canadian Willow Herb: This ingredient helps soothe skin irritation, so basically the horrid redness that a spot can bring.

Witch Hazel: Another popular problem skin fighting ingredient. Witch Hazel has many benefits on the skin, including keeping it hydrated.

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Face Mask

The Mask
I’d say this little sachet has enough for one use, as I do like to spread it on quite thick. It smells of tea tree and has a lovely thick texture. It says to leave on for 10 – 15 minutes but it hadn’t all dried by that time, however the places where the mask wasn’t so thickly on dried pretty quickly. As with most face masks, when it dries any form of facial expression is really quite painful!

The mask was easiest removed with some cotton wool, as I’m just a bit lazy and wanted it all off! The mask left my face feeling lovely and soft.

The Moisturiser
The second sachet had quite a bit of product in. It smelled at first of mint, and was refreshing on the face. However after a few seconds the smell went a bit weird, a bit earthy. It wasn’t so bad I had to wash it off, but just wasn’t my preferred scent.

If you’re a bit of an ingredients stalker like me (a university assignment has seen me look into harmful chemicals that seep into our bloodystream, it was lovely stuff) and like to know what you’re actually putting on your face, then you’ll be pleasently surprised by the fact that Montagne Jeunesse has simplified it for us. For example Glyceryl Stearate SE (say what?) has plant origin in brackets, so you know exactly what the ingredients are and what they do. All their products are suitable for vegetarians and the ingredients are all natural.

You can pick up these masks on their website and now at ASDA for £1.49, which is handy if you’re there doing your shop!

Have you tried these masks before?

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