Modern Ways to Wear Vintage Dresses

If you wish to wear your vintage dresses but don’t want to look like you came out from your grandmother’s closet, put a spin on your style and wear it modernly. Vintage style dresses can easily be noticed as their delicate designs of laces, ribbons, pleats, stripes, and even vintage patterns make a statement. Since vintage dresses are the face of formality, elite, fragile style, keep on reading to know how to wear them modernly.

floral vintage dress with boots

off shoulder dress with sandals vintage dress with heels vintage dress with sandals

In the late 60’ to 90’ style, vintage dresses are usually close dresses and even zero skin dresses that may look too conservative nowadays. If you want the dress itself, repair and tailor it to the modern style by cutting some sleeves, deepening the necklines, or shortening the hemline in a subtle way. This way, you can still wear your vintage dress with a modern twist.

fur scarf with vintage dress jewelry with vintage dress vintage dress with chic hat

If repair is not needed or you simply want to keep them as they are, modernize your looks by wearing modern accessories to spice up your vintage dresses. Chic hats, modern sunglasses, fur scarf, shawls, chunky necklace, jewelry, structured bag and such can help to modernize your look, but still retaining that vintage feel. If you’re wearing a printed vintage dress, you may pair the shade of your accessories to the colors of your prints or just stick to neutrals like black, white, brown, khaki, and such. Gold and silver jewelry is classic, but wearing them together is modern. Just be sure that the shade of your metal complements your skin tone especially if you’re pale or olive complexion so it wouldn’t wash you out.

belt with silk dresscute belt with vintage dress slim belt with vintage dress

Wearing belts is a great way of taming those shapeless and voluminous vintage dresses. Just be careful wearing wide belts if you’re short-waist and have a large bust as it may only swamp your frame. If belts are really needed, go for a slim one or a shade close to your vintage dress to avoid chopping your frame visually. Metallic belts and glittery belts are modern styles that can balance your vintage feel. If you’re a fan of leather belts, knot them creatively to make them look modern, but still complementing for your vintage outfit.

classic pumps with vintage dress lace maxi dress with strappy sandals chunky heels with vintage dress

When wearing vintage dresses in neutral shades or lace fabrics, go for modern footwear like glittery shoes, metallic pumps, nude heels, stiletto shoes, gravity shoes and such to add some modern feel. Not only shoes will add you some inches to your stature, but it also adds some feminine and delicate feel to your style. If you feel daring and adventurous, you may even go for bright colored-shoes for a quirky statement or just to add a pop of color to your vintage looks.

coat with vintage dress denim jacket with vintage dress lace dress with jacket leather jacket with vintage dress

If all else fails, toughen your look with a leather jacket, denim jacket, or any modern blazer that can easily transform your vintage dress into modern looks. If you feel sporty-chic on your style, you can go for white tennis shoes or wedge sneakers. On the other hand, if you want some rock vibe, go for leather boots with metal studs and buckles to spice up your vintage dress.


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