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Misslyn Concealer #03 Review

Hey guys here is my Misslyn Concealer #03 Review!
I’m a little late with this review, I know, I know… I almost finished this product so it’s really a high time to tell you my impressions on it.
The packaging is quite simple, but I like it. I have the shade 03. You get 4ml of product and it costs around 6 eur I think, but I’m not sure. Maybe a euro less or more. It has a sponge applicator.
Misslyn Concealer in 03
Concealer by Misslyn
This shade is in my opinion quite neutral, so it looks good on me. The texture is nice, actually a little creamy I think, and it blends easily. If you apply it over a good moisturizer and blend it with a sponge, it won’t emphasize dry patches a lot. Now let’s see how it works on undereye circles and blemishes.
Misslyn Concealer on my skin
Here they are, the worst pictures of me. These were taken after all-nighter and in-that-period-of-month. Also it looks like I cried, but I didn’t. So, I made sure that everything bad was there 😀
before i put on Misslyn Concealer
after i put on Misslyn Concealer
You can see it coverd blemishes good. I wish it could do something more for my under eye area, but it’s not that bad. The only bad thing is that kind of creases under eyes. But in the other hand, I found out that is I put some primer there it doesn’t crease that much.

I’m really happy that I got this concealer, because I finally found the color that is not too yellow for me + it has a good coverage. So, I would definitely recommend this concealer to try out.