Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara Review

Hi junkies here is my Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara Review!

Oh, mascara. It is both an endless source of frustration, and your very best friend. Mascara used correctly can open up the eyes and give you a subtle, flirtatious flutter which is what I was hoping to achieve with my newest acquisition, Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara.

The bottle itself is so incredibly sexy and looks like poured gold. Seriously though, packaging gets me every time…



So, what’s the secret weapon? This mascara claims to have a super-curling formula to give you the lashes you want without using an eyelash curler. It’s also everything-proof:  smear proof, sweat proof, smudgeproof and sleep-proof. It’s also water resistant (but not waterproof) so it comes off quite easily with just warm water.

Before I go on, I should say that I don’t use eyelash curlers  – I only ever see a minimal difference and it’s not worth the effort for me. That said, I was curious to see what kind of a lift I would get with this.



The brush on this mascara is quite standard – oblong-oval shaped, tapered slightly at the end.

The formula however, is what sets it apart. Unlike normal mascaras which smear off, Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara is a tubing mascara. Instead of coating your lashes in black ink, it wraps each lash individually. It’s designed to do as little harm as possible to your lashes by protecting them.

This also means that when it comes off, it comes off in little tubes which, if you’ve never tried a tubing mascara before, can seem like your lashes are breaking off.

You either like this kind of formula, or you don’t.

Generally, I don’t. I’d used the ModelCo Fibre Lash mascara a billion years ago (hated it) and used Becca The Ultimate Mascara for a while because I had bought it and thought what-the-hell. The tubing-ness usually annoys me, but I will admit if you’re lazy and take your makeup off in the shower, then it’s a pretty unbeatable idea.

Now it wouldn’t be a real mascara review without some cheeky pictures.


Final thoughts:

The tubing formula still annoys me but I understand that’s personal preference.

I did, however, find it beautifully easy to remove. Some warm water in the shower when I’ve not taken my makeup off the night before (don’t kill me!) was all it needed and it left neither smudge nor shadow.

It also wears beautifully. I usually get a bit of blackness under my right eye by about lunchtime regardless of what I’ve got on and I don’t get it at all with this mascara.

The best part for me is the look. As you can see from the pictures above, even with eyeliner on, it lifts and separates. That come-hither, fluttery lash that I’ve always longed for is now mine. MINE!

It doesn’t do an amazing job of curling, but I think the lift that it does give me is just enough. When I’m not wearing any makeup but still want something, this and a light lip balm is all I need. It’s a look I’ve been wearing frequently.

Finally, for the price (AUD $39.95) I think it’s right up there with the big guns and is money very well spent.

Australia: $39.95 from mirenesse.com or AdoreBeauty.

It’s also available in the UK, US and Internationally from mirenesse.com but their website is very annoying to navigate if you’ve already selected your country destination.

Full Disclosure: This mascara was provided as a gift from the sponsors of ABBW and Lust Have It.

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