Michèle Krüsi: How to Look Eclectic and Trendy on Your Street Style

If you think your casual style looks so common and typical, be adventurous and bold by incorporating some twists on them. The mind behind the “The Fashion Fraction”, Michèle Krüsi is a Switzerland-based blogger known for her eclectic and creative fashion style featuring creative layers and trendy aesthetic. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your looks wearing the ensembles already in your closet, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

chic bag and silk scarf with eclectic outfit

eclectic heels with casual outfit necktie with casual chic outfit scarf belt with casual outfit statement belt with lace dress

Since accessories can make or break your overall outfit, why not make an eclectic and trendy statement with them. Look for unconventional, unique, and statement-making accessories that you can easily incorporate to your typical outfit. For instance, Michèle creatively styled her scarf by knotting it on her waist functioning as a belt, or simply wrapped it around her neck. Though a necktie is typically a gentleman’s accessory, she confidently wore it on her typical casual outfit that created an eclectic outfit. Layered necklace, double-buckle belt, chain belts, and a feather ornamented heels are some of Michèle’s picks that you may also consider.

denim on denim outfit with clogs lightweight top with trendy skirt and cardigan suede skirt with sude top

Wearing something overdone or exaggerated looks eclectic and trendy too. Like Michèle, think of wearing denim with denim, suede with suede, leather with leather and such combinations that can make you look unique as not every woman has the courage to pull this kind of style. Though wearing something fitted with an oversized piece may seem the fashion rules that govern our society, being trendy and eclectic sometimes involve breaking these rules. Like Michèle, you may wear a stiff denim top with a pair of denim culottes to create that eclectic feel.

eclectic striped dress with lace up shoes eclectic top with floral skirt oversized top with denim culottes oversized turtleneck with sleek culottes sporty chic outfit with sneakers

If you’re not a fan of mixing and matching ensembles, you may opt for an eclectic piece that will serve as your statement piece. Oversized sweater, suede halter top, unconventional dress and such are of Michèle’s creative pieces that you may draw inspiration from. If you’re creative enough, be stylish altering your casual pieces to create an eclectic and trendy outfit. This way, your style will look more personalized and expressive.

denim skirt with flared pants with chambray top denim skirt with leather skirt and button down shirt denim skirt with shirt dress printed dress with cropped pants skirt and top with cropped pantseclectic striped dress with lace up shoes eclectic top with floral skirt oversized top with denim culottes oversized turtleneck with sleek culottes sporty chic outfit with sneakers

Since piling on layers has become a major trend, be creative like Michèle missing pieces that are not supposed to be worn together like a denim skirt with a leather skirt, denim skirt with denim jeans, printed dress with jeans, maxi skirt with jeans, and even a skirt with a dress. Be creative with your fabric choices to end up into a more stylish look. Denim, leather, lace, suede, cashmere, fur, and velvet are great options.

floral dress with vest and coat floral skirt with denim shirt graphic skirt with boho outfit quirky print outfit with sneakersstriped outfit with leather jacket

Wearing prints and patterns can be stylish too. If you’re not a fan of novelty, quirky, and eclectic prints, go for classic ones and create a trendy outfit by mixing prints and patterns together. Indeed, there are lots of ways to look eclectic and trendy. Just go for tricks that suit your personal style and mirror your personality.

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