Menswear Inspired Shoes that are Perfect for Girly Outfits

If you’re a girly girl, you probably already have an intensive collection of shoes that you wear with all your different girly outfits and while girly shoes plus girly outfits always make the perfect combo, don’t you sometimes get bored of looking sweet and girly and wish you could change it up a bit without totally giving up your feminine style? They may be just one part of the whole outfit but the shoes you wear have a great impact on your overall look. Changing them up can give you a different look so if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your style without doing anything too drastic or dramatic, try wearing different styles of shoes other than the ones you’re used to. Menswear shoes are great if you want to make your girly looks less sweet and feminine. Check out these menswear inspired shoes that are perfect for girly outfits.

  • Oxford shoes – if you’re looking for a menswear inspired pair of shoes that don’t look too manly at all, your best bet are oxford shoes. Oxford shoes often come in lace – up style though there are also those that are made so you can just slip them on like flats. Today, you no longer need to find your size in the men’s department to get your hands on a pair of Oxford shoes as a lot of shoe brands for women have started making these for ladies and even have some made with a more feminine style / touch. They can be worn with dressy outfits and with casual outfits as well.

metallic oxford shoes

gold oxford shoes

  • Biker boots – if you really want to ‘man up’ your look, on the other hand, try wearing biker boots with your girly outfits instead. These shoes will not totally take away the girly vibe in your look but it will help you create a perfectly balanced ‘boyish yet girly’ outfit. You can wear these with shorts for a sexy street style look or with a dress for a unique outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

cute dress and biker boots brown biker boots

  • Topsider shoes – topsider shoes are the perfect kind of menswear inspired shoes to reach for if you’re looking for something that’s casual yet polished. It has a very relaxed and laidback look to it that lets you wear it with just about anything ranging from shorts to skirts to dresses and pants. Topsider shoes are perfect for summer because they have that ‘cruise outfit’ kind of vibe but you can definitely wear them all year round as well.

casual topsider outfit sperry topsider shoes

  • Combat boots – I don’t see a lot of women wearing combat boots but when I do they always look so dark adorable, especially when worn with something cute and girly. Combat boots give you that effortless ‘tough chick’ look so it’s great if you need to pump up your look and get that kick ass vibe going on.

sexy combat boots outfit red dress and combat boots

  • Doc Martens – I’m so glad Doc Martens are no longer limited to the boring plain and dull colors anymore and that they have so many color, print and pattern choices to offer to ladies who want a bit of a boyish element in their outfit but don’t really want to sport a total manly / boyish look.

pink doc martens black doc martens


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