My review of glossy box for men !MEN'S GLOSSY BOX SUMMER 2012 REVIEW - NIVEN & JOSHUA EDITION




Glossy box for men is a UK subscription service sending out cosmetic products to try on a quarterly basis (the womens version is on a monthly basis) and is a service I have had my eye on for a while and finally after months of deliberating decided to sign myself up.
The Good
Well, for a skincare and cosmetics fan like myself Glossy box is a great way to try out new items before buying them yourselves as well as discover items that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the chance to learn about.
The Bad
I’ve heard a couple of negative opinions towards the mens service, namely the price (£15 a quater) and the sizes of the items, with many customers complaining that the sizes compared to the women’s version of Glossy box aren’t very good value for money.
 Having received my first box I can second this view, where the sizes for some items are okay there are quite a few smaller items that makes you wonder if you are basically paying to be sent what would normally be free samples?
First Impressions
So my first Glossy Box is the limited edition collaboration with Men’s Grooming store Niven & Joshua, the collaboration is quite exciting and is something I think Glossy Box should keep doing (the box also came with a 20% voucher from a first order with the site.)
 The packaging for Glossy Box is lovely, the box differs in colour from the women’s version but is quite sleek and gives you that excited feeling with regards to opening it, it’s a bit like Christmas for the cosmetics junkie if I’m honest.
The Products
So, despite some of the smaller sizes being a slight disapointment (Look at those Baxter of California sachets, tiny!) the product selection is actually quite good with a few items that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.
 In the Niven & Joshua edition box you get:

Nickel Super Clean Face Scrub (full size £16) – This product is designed to combat a dull complexion and shiny patches, I get the impression it is designed for oiler skin however it apparently is fine for more sensitive types. 
Zirh Clean Face Wash (full size £15.50) – A cleanser designed for more oily skin and specifically for men, this product seems okay but is something I probably won’t use regularly as my skin can get dried out very easily.
Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturiser (full size £20.00) – Once you get over the small sample sizes in the box Baxter of California’s moisturiser isn’t so bad it hydrated my skin without making it shiny and seems like a great product for the summer months when things might get a little oily.
Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash (full size £18.00) – This is apparently an award winning bodywash and it isn’t too bad I am however incredibly fussy when it comes to scents and the smell of this is just generically manly, it isn’t special or sexy in anyway and could be any bottle of shower gel on a drugstore shelf. That being said I do trust Molton Brown as a brand so will probably give it a try as it is a great size for traveling.
Yu-Be Vitamin Enriched Cream (full size £12.00) – Japanese skincare! I was pretty surprised to find something from Japan in the box but the Yu-Be cream is an Asian invention, it’s an all purpose cream with vitamin C designed to combat severe dry skin and skin irritations. There is a lot of buzz about this product in the printed press and online so it’s definitely something I am going to keep in my bag for emergency situations! 
Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste (full size £5.50) – I love Marvis! I really do, I’ve had both their Cinnamon Mint and Licorice Mint toothpastes as I’m such a huge fan of flavored toothpastes (that’s a blog post in itself) so it was great to get some on the box. This one is just their peppermint flavour but it’s such a great size for overnight stays and travelling that I’m really glad it was included.
Zirh Shave Gel (full size £13.50) – I’m used to using Lush’s Price for shaving so it will be a nice change to try this, it is none foaming so wont dry out the skin though it would have been nice to see something from a different brand in the box as apposed to another item from a brand already featured.

The question a few bloggers asked about the Men’s Glossy box when it was first released was will men pay for samples? Especially after seeing the product sizes (the womens version often features at least one full size item) which lets face it are a little bit disappointing for £15 in comparison especially given that you might end up getting something that you won’t really use.
 I think that male cosmetic fans like myself might pay for the service, as well any fake tanned metrosexual who get’s paid too much money – however it terms of your average man on the street this probably isn’t a service that will take off, which is a shame because the success of the service is likely to effect future boxes.
 Is the box worth it? It depends what you are wanting to get from being part of a subscription service really, if you’re wanting a surprise every quater as well as some new products to try and have a spare £15 then yes it is worth it. If you’re expecting a box of items you already use, and are after some full sizes then probably not but it is still worth a look.

I am planning on staying subscribed for the next 2 boxes at least just to see if the sizes improve and what might happen as the service grows (I’ll be honest I’m looking forward to whatever the winter box features) but I do have mixed feelings about it.Do you subscribe to Glossy Box for men? Or maybe even the original womens version, what do you think? Know any other better services?

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