Menow Eye Lip Liner Pencils Review, Swatches

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I’ve been waiting for these to come in the mail since the moment I ordered them! It took about a week. This seemed like a great deal for 12 multipurpose liners. They really are a great product. You can use them as eyeliners, lip liners, or even eyeshadow bases. As eyeliners they really are amazing. I’d use these on my lower lash line for a pop of color on a neutral look. As lip liners, they do the job, but they are a bit drying so I suggest using a thin coat of balm before applying these to the lips. Lastly, as eyeshadow bases, they are quite wonderful.They are easy to blend out and really help the product stick. Only thing I dislike about this product, some of the when I got them fell out of the tube, but it was easy to just push them back in. It was probably the heat from being in my mailbox.  These product kind of remind me of the Urban Decay Glide on Pencils because of the packaging. I’ve never really used them so I can’t say if they’re a dupe for them.

Menow Eye Lip Liner Pencils

More Menow Liner Details:
– 12 shimmer eye shadow / eyeliner for your professional make-up kit
– Eye pencils can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect
– Ultra waterproof and loaded with pigments, the 12 colors eyeliner pencils emphasize the eyes with intense and lasting color
– Retractable Pencils
– Easy to draw a delicate thin line
– Thanks to its soft texture and slight sheen, the pencils intensifies the look and lights up your eyelids
– Product is build-able
– Give clear and intense makeup effects and make you fascinating and attractive
– $8.19 with free shipping around the US.
Menow Eye Lip Liner Pencils Review
Menow Eye Lip Liner Pencils-swatches
  • 001: Just your typical matte jet black.
  • 002: Sheer shimmery white.
  • 003: Sheer metalic silver.
  • 004: Sheer golden dandelion color.
  • 005: Opaque bronze with a shine.
  • 006: Semi-matte orange-toned red.
  • 007: A very shimmery deep pink.
  • 008: A deep matte pink with a cranberry undertone.
  • 010: Matte navy blue.
  • 011: Dark matte blue toned green.
  • 012: A sheer shimmery grass green.
  • 013: Shimmery opaque sky blue.


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