Melvita Bio-Excellence Cleansing Milk Ultra Gentle Review

Hi beautiful ladies here is my Melvita Bio- Excellence Cleansing Milk Ultra Gentle Review!

Ok, so I’ve started to write this post 10 time and always erased what I have written. And now I really want to press that ‘back space’ button again, but I won’t. The thing is that I really want to write blog posts but at the same time I don’t. Weird, right? Have you ever had times like that?
If you read my blog, you know my skin got really crazy this summer. It was really dehydrated and nothing I had in my skin care ‘collection’ helped it. I’m thinking about writting a post about it, but this was one of the products that really helped it getting better.
Melvita Bio-Excellence Cleansing Milk
It is supposed to remove all traces of make up and impurities. It’s rich in Rose, Lime blossom waters and Aloe Vera. It helps to restore elasticity and radiance to the skin. Its rich texture is a combination of creamy Shea and Mango butters, Acacia Honey, Olive and Argan oil. It makes skin feel relaxed and fresh.
Firstly, removing make up. It does its job alright, similar to other cleansing milks that I’ve tried, so nothing overly exciting here. If I wore heavy make up that day I used 2 cotton pads to remove it. It also has some troubles removing waterproof mascara, as they all do. If you don’t wear any make up, one cotton pad is enough. It also did good job absorbing oils or sebum that your skin produces over the night (of course it does that during the day too, but you get my point). The best part of this cleansing milk is that it doesn’t dehydrate your skin and in my opinion is really gentle. On the other hand my skin is not really sensitive, so make sure to check out the ingredients, but on the packaging it says it’s made for sensitive skin. I will do the overview of the first five.
Bio-Excellence Cleansing Milk by melvita
Aloe Barbadensis Extract: skin conditioning agent
Cocoglycerides: emollient and thickening agent derived form coconut oil
Octyldodecanol: emulsifier and opacifying agent. Lubricant properties.
Tilia Cordata Water: skin conditioning agent. Can also be used as a fragnance.
Cleansing Milk Melvita Bio- Excellence
The consistency is white, not too thick and not too liquid. It’s just right. There is some scent but I can’t describe it. But it’s definitely the scent you can find at that natural brands, not anything like the ‘chemistry’ ones. I like the pump packaging which works well and it also comes with a lid (I lost mine). You will pay16eur in Slovenia for 200 ml of the product.

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