Mehron L.I.P. Cream and Glosstone – Review

Mehron L.I.P. Cream and Glosstone – Photos, Review, SwatchesMehron L.I.P. Cream review


Individual: $5.95
8-Color Palette: $32.95

What I have to say about L.I.P Cream:

I like them, but I don’t love them.  They offer full coverage in a formula that dries matte and is long wearing and comfortable.  With that said, I don’t think they quite live up to Mehron’s claims.  First of all, if you’re looking for a perfectly transfer-proof lip color, this isn’t it.  It’s low-transfer (and if you blot a few times it gets closer to transfer-proof), but even after letting it set for 10 minutes, there is some degree of transfer.  With that said, they’re still very long-wearing.  Despite the small amount of product transfer, there’s a ton of pigment left behind on the lips.  Mehron also claims that these L.I.P. Creams hydrate the lips.  I didn’t find that to be the case.  They didn’t dry out my lips (which is really all I expect from a long-wearing lip product), but they certainly didn’t add moisture either.  In fact, on my lips they felt a lot like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.  Overall, I think these are a great buy at $5.95.  I probably wouldn’t head over to Mehron’s site just to order these, but when I have another order going, I might add one or two to my cart.  Like the CHEEK creams, these seem to work equally well on lips and cheeks, though Mehron doesn’t say anything about their use as blush.

Mehron L.I.P. Cream colors

Cotton Candy; Poppy; Petal Pink
 Mehron L.I.P. Cream test
Cotton Candy; Poppy; Petal Pink
 Mehron L.I.P. Cream look
Wearing Petal Pink on lips and cheeks.

What I have to say about Glosstone:

Not much.  These glosses ($5.95 each) are very sheer, slightly shimmery lip glosses in pan form.  I typically don’t waste my time on sheer lip gloss.  I already have a lip balm that I love, so if I’m not adding any color to my lips, I’d rather stick with something that will really nourish them.  In all fairness, Mehron does state that these are sheer, so I’m not going to say it’s a bad product.  It’s just not a product I would use often.  If you’re into this kind of thing, they do feel nice on the lips and are nice to throw on over the L.I.P. Creams (just know that you will sacrifice some of the L.I.P. Cream’s longevity if you do so).  I’ve added a product shot below, but didn’t bother swatching because there’s really nothing to see.  Don’t be fooled by the pan color; you’re never going to see it on your lips.

Mehron glosstone review

Pearl Frosted; Gold Frosted