Megan McMinn: Fairytale-Inspired Fashion in a Modern Style

Infusing fantasy and fairy tale concepts into fashion styles create an artistically stunning street looks and showcase how famous childhood stories are coming to life in fashion. Since fairy tales can script adventures, romance, and all kinds of possibility through what you wear, many girls have dressed like a beautiful heroine in a fairy tale. Looking for inspiration on how to infuse some ethereal elements into your style in a grown-up way? Let’s have an inspiration on how to dress fairytale-like in a modern fashion.

London-based style blogger, Megan McMinn is known for her fairy tale-inspired style with a modern twist. Megan even described her style as somewhat eclectic, bringing romantic fabrics together with retro shapes and quirky details. Started her blog in 2011, Briar Rose is a dreamy fairy-tale-like blog that will fit any woman who likes to look like a grown-up princess. According to Megan, books and films inspired her fashion style and “Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus” is her all-time favorite book.

cute chocolate bar bag with cute outfit

cute clutch in a fairytale inspired outfit floral headband with cute shoes floral headband head bow with cute outfit head bow with floral dress

You can work with the fairy tale look in small ways like wearing fairytale inspired accessories like fancy bags, floral tiaras, hair bows, beaded headpieces, whimsical shoes, and even jewelry. As you can see Megan creatively wore a fancy handbag like a chocolate-bar inspired or a wine-bottle inspired clutches with her feminine outfit. Floral headbands, hair bow bands, and even tiara are great accessories to bring a whimsical touch in your looks. Cute and feminine shoes with flower embellishments or ribbons are perfect footwear to channel your fairytale-inspired looks in a moderate way.

cute pastel outfit pastel pink dress snow white outfit pocahontas outfit

Like Megan, you might find that it’s easiest to pick one fairy tale character and use that inspiration as a starting point. Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Red Riding Hood, and Belle are some of the characters we can draw inspiration from. Like Megan, you may dress in pastel colored dresses to wear your favorite character in their inspired outfit without looking costumey. For a modern translation of Pocahontas, you may wear a tribal print dress and pick a metallic headpiece to complement your outfit. To make your style practical, pick a dress in a light yellow or light pink with lightweight and flouncy flows. Add some sparkly earrings and cute shoes. Like Snow White inspired outfit, you may mix up the colors when picking out an outfit or pick a corset if you’re brave enough like Megan.

white dress with cute bag white maxi dress white dress with colorful headband

For a classic and simple approach, you may opt for white dresses having lacy silhouettes. When it comes to fairytale-esque dresses, go for dresses that look handmade and have a loose fitting. You may keep your looks feminine by accessorizing like a floral headband, structured bag, feminine heels, and even chic sunglasses like Megan did.

metallic blue skirt metallic skirt with blue top silk skirt with floral blouse velvet skirt with white top

If you’re not a fan of white, then you may opt for silky, glossy, and metallic skirts to pair with your casual or chic tops. Silk, satin, and velvet fabrics are a great choice to dress up your casual tops. Like Megan, just be playful with your outfit by teaming them with classic tops, pastel-colored sweaters, flouncy blouses, and even basic shirts. Just polish your looks with floral headbands or hair bows to channel your fantastic styles.

light blue skirt with crop top pink floral skirtpink tulle skirt

Tulle skirts, A-line skirts, and even bubble skirts are a great option. You may top your looks with trendy pieces like crop tops, graphic shirts, cashmere sweaters, and feminine blouses like Megan did. Look for pastel and cute shoes to complement your feminine looks.

No matter what your age, race, or background, you can still look like a grown-up princess in a modern way. Just be tasteful on your styling and decide how “dressy” and “fairy tale-like” you want you look to be and express it through your street looks.



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