Maybelline’s Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Midnight Red Review

Hello Girls, Here is my new¬†¬†Maybelline’s Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Midnight Red Review.

I’ve just come back from having my nails done, so what better way to celebrate than to paint them with one of my new polishes.

Maybelline’s Forever Strong Pro in Midnight Red.



I might have ripped the label slightly in my rush to get into this.

I bought this polish because I noticed a friend wearing it, and it is just my colour all over, red, gothic, dark, vampish… she also mentioned that she’d been wearing it several days and hadn’t had a chip. So she was impressed.

So far I am too. I am in love with this colour, it’s vampy in a classy way.


Applied super easily, two coats creating the opaqueness needed to create a gorgeous rich colour.

It does say it has a curved brush to aid application, but the brush in mine looks like any other nail polish brush to my eyes. It also contains, calcium, iron and silica.

I’m not 100% convinced that having these things in polishes actually does a great deal for the nail, as the nail plate is dead so applying anything to it won’t improve it’s condition, the additives would need to get down to the matrix to make a difference in nail growth. Which obviously nail polish doesn’t do. But I suppose it’s a good selling point.

This is my choice of holiday colour as… I’m going away tomorrow.
(Happy Face)

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