Maybelline Master Drama eyeliners review and swatches

HI girls! This is my first review  for today :  Maybelline Master Drama eyeliners  – Bold Brown and one in Vibrant Violet
 I am going away to school tomorrow and since I won’t be able to post for a while, I thought that I would do a bunch today. 🙂
These babies are my favorite. I have one in ‘Bold Brown’ and one in ‘Vibrant Violet’. I, at one point had one in black as well, but I lost it. They also come in blue and silver.
These eyeliners don’t last all day on me. I do have really oily eyelids though, so not much does.
They are really creamy and smooth and go on so nicely. Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner review
I use the brown one for my everyday makeup and I have gone through three already.
The only thing that I don’t like about these is the packaging. They are twist up and you can’t tell when you are almost out. You twist it up for more, but no more comes. 🙁 Also, don’t try to check how much you have left by twisting it up further because they will not twist back down… learnt that the hard way unfortunately.
That isn’t a dealbreaker or anything though. These are amazing and I completely recommend them.


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