Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes Hot tamale and Pink Plum

 Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes Hot tamale and Pink Plum review , swatches:

Two in one day!
And that’s not all either, I got a few more after this one, yay! It’s review day!
I have been really impressed with the quality of drugstore makeup lately. Although the price tags are reflecting its newly found popularity, it is still much more affordable than MAC or Sephora, so I find myself frequently browsing the cosmetics aisles in various drugstores.

Along with the rest of the products that I will be reviewing for you today, I had been hearing quite a bit of buzz about the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes. The Dream Mousse collection seemed to please a lot of people, as well as the Dream powders and various other products, so the expectations for these blushes were high.

Along with the great shades, the texture of these blushes sparked some interest because they are almost “pillow like”. As soon as you press on them (if you use a little force) it’s almost like memory foam.
So let’s get into the two shades that I was drawn to at first…Maybelline-Dream-Bouncy-Blushes pink plum hot tamale
Left – #40 “Pink Plum”
Right – #70 “Hot Tamale”
 The two colors are typical fun shades, a bright baby pink with a bit of a plum/purple undertone, and a vivid hot redish pink. Hot Tamale is a great shade if you are going for a more dramatic cheek.Maybelline-Dream-Bouncy-Blushes hot tamale pink plum
Now, when the buzz about these came up, a lot of people were highly disappointed with the pigmentation of the blushes. I thought that I would try these out myself before making my own judgements, but I was a little disappointed to see that these beautiful colors in the pan do not look the same on the skin.
I have heard multiple things, that the products are geared toward a younger generation and that they aren’t meant to be bright, vivid colors. That would be fine, but then make them really cheap so that younger generation can afford them. I don’t see why you would charge $6-8 for something that barely gives any color.
You definitely need to either layer these with a different blush, or just expect that you aren’t going to get much of a payoff from them. Hot Tamale (Shown above) isn’t truly that bad, but wait until we move onto Pink Plum.
 Maybelline-Dream-Bouncy-Blush pink plum review
In the pan we’ve got this beautiful light pink, but swatched…Maybelline-Dream-Bouncy-Blush pink plum
Wait, is this the right photo? Oh yeah, it is.
You can barely see anything from this blush! You would need to seriously pack this right onto your skin and probably dig into the product to get some pay off, but this was around ten swipes around the blush and then pressing it hard onto my hand to even get that slight pink-ish tone.
This one I’m not too impressed with, but then again, I was warned!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot tamale :

Maybelline-Dream-Bouncy-Blush hot tamale

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes Hot tamale and Pink Plum swatchesAlthough I love Hot Tamale for a sheer wash of pink, I don’t think I will be spending any more money on the Dream Bouncy Blushes. I have been having great luck finding other products, so I think I will expand my shade collection on those, and pass these up next time.

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