Maxi Skirts for Summer

Different Types of Full-Length Skirts and How To Wear Them

Enough of the minis, we’re here to teach you what’s really in for the season and it’s maxi skirts all summer round. Long skirts are in because it’s the new way to look girly and sexy while worn with a crop top. you can also wear it with a tank top, any ladylike blouse and cover up with a blazer for night.

  • Straight cut maxis favor women the illusion of height. Vertical stripes give it even better effect if you want to look taller. You may opt for butt-hugging ones or the less fitting versions.




  • Peplum maxis are good for those who you intend to create  the shape for the lower half. Great for women who want bigger hips as well.



  • See-through skirts have one of the  trendiest fabrics. Since anything sheer is up-to-date, we gathered you’d love anything thin and teasing for summer.



  • Crochet is in and you can’t miss it this season especially fo maxi skirts. Choose the most intricate or unique designs and accessorize for a classic look.



  • Printed ones will surely catch the eye from the waist down. Be careful when partnering it with a printed top. Yet although you’ll be safe with a plain blouse, it’s never against the rules to experiment and contrast anything as long as you have the guts to carry it with style.



  • Maxi splits are way too sexy and definitely good to wear. A little tease of leg won’t hurt. Think Versace.



  • Metallic maxis aren’t only eye catchers but they’re so bright they can burn your eyes. Match with a plain top, perhaps something neutral, and minimize on accessories. Try not to wear so many colors too.




  • Airy skirts may come in sheer or simply thin, easy to be blown away fabrics. Best for the beach and other breezy places, it’s great to wear them with anything thick, bulky, or big for accessories or cover-ups.



  • Embellished skirts are more imeldific-looking and statement making. Your blouse would need to shut up and let the skirt do all the talking, which is the same for metallic skirts.




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