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Max Factor Nail Polish in Meteorite, Moon Dust, Odyssey Blue, Graffiti & Fantasy Fire Review

Hey beautiful here is my review of Max Factor Nail Polish in Meteorite, Moon Dust, Odyssey Blue, Graffiti & Fantasy Fire Review!

Max Factor quietly released a plethora of new shades for their Max Effect Mini Nail Polish range recently. I say quietly because the 18 or so new colours integrated themselves amongst the older colours without much fanfare –

Max Factor Nail Polish

I wasn’t aware of their existance until I saw one of the new shades on a blog which prompted me to look out for them in store. I bought a few to share with you all, and this will be the first installment of my purchases. I used 3 coats for the first four shades, and 2 coats for the last one; the formula is generally very good, but a top coat is essential to ensure a longer wear time.


Max Factor Nail Polish2

Max Factor Nail Polish3

41 Meteorite is a steel blue-grey with dense silver, blue and a hint of purple shimmer.

Max Factor Nail Polish4 Max Factor Nail Polish5

42 Moon Dust is almost a purple and green/grey duochrome. In this close-up picture of the bottle itself, it definitely looks like a duochrome with a complex mixture of purple, green and blue shimmer, but on the nails, it looks more like a dull purple – a little reminiscent of Chanel Paradoxal but in dense shimmer form.

Max Factor Nail Polish6 Max Factor Nail Polish7

43 Odyssey Blue is a royal blue with dense blue and purple shimmer. The purple shimmer doesn’t really show up in most lighting conditions though.

Max Factor Nail Polish8 Max Factor Nail Polish9

44 Graffiti is a forest green with dense green, blue and purple shimmer. Again the purple shimmer is very weak.

Max Factor Nail Polish11 Max Factor Nail Polish12 Max Factor Nail Polish13

45 Fantasy Fire is a super sheer purple jelly with shimmer that flashes red, green, gold and copper. It takes an awful lot of coats to show up on its own so I decided to layer it over a purple creme which looks similar to its base colour (Topshop Late Show – see pinky finger for the original colour). I was pressed for time and running out of light so I wasn’t able to fully capture its complexity (unlike this nail polish blogger I found via Google here) but trust me, this is absolutely stunning.

Price: £3.99/4.5ml