Max Factor Colour Elixr Giant Pen Stick – Subtle Coral

I’ll put my hands up and say I am a lipstick addict. I feel so bear if I don’t have anything on my lips. I won this in a blog giveaway from Gemma and Danielle. If you’ve not seen their blogs you definitely should check them out, they are two of my favourites.

Max Factor Colour Elixr -001

When I first used this, I wasn’t very impressed because I didn’t think it showed up on my lips very well. Since using this more and more I’ve noticed that it gives a gorgeous flush of colour to your lips as well as a little bit of shimmer. I don’t normally wear shimmer on my lips so it’s definitely nice to have a change.
Max Factor Colour Elixr Giant Pen Stick - Subtle Coral
It also lasts a fair while. Because it has the shimmer its only around 2 hours but it is such a light colour so I always think that they wear off a while before the darker ones.  It’s also very moisturizing. I love that I can wear this to add colour to my lips AND get nice smooth lips at the same time!
Sorry its been a short and sweet review, I’m basically just very happy with this little lip product. One thing I’m not sure on is whether you twist it up or sharpen it, but I’m sure the more I use it I’ll find it out.

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