Mary Seng: How to Look Hip and Trendy on Your Street Looks

Each moment, there are always new fashion trends to choose from and trying to follow all of them will just make you look over-the-hip and a fashion victim. Looking for inspiration how to look hip and trendy on your street looks without sacrificing your personal style? Let’s have a style inspiration.

From Nashville, capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee, Mary Seng is known for her hip and trendy looks featuring hip and funky style over traditional wear and lovely pieces with a bohemian feel. Mary tends to incorporate a little bit of everything depending on how she feels like mixing and matching pieces in unexpected ways and incorporating edgy pieces to create original and authentic looks. Started her blog in 2012 as a creative outlet to give her a mental break from her intense work life, Happily Grey chronicles her trendy style and as well as peeks at her daily life in Nashville. According to Mary, gray is her favorite color though it feels solemn or sad so she just decided to call it Happily Grey to bring some happiness to the muted color.

chic sunglasses with classic outfit

fur bag with culottes gold accessories with trendy outfit trendy clogs with black dress

As looking at the new trends in each moment, look for trendy accessories that would fit in with the clothes you already own. Trendy styles of sunglasses, shoes, bags, accessories, head ornaments and even jewelry can boost your simple outfit in an instant. For instance, Mary wore a trendy necklace with her classic outfit and a fur bag with her neutral colored ensembles and the result is trendy but polished. When accessorizing, always remember that simple is better. So, pick one or two trendy accessories that you can easily mix and match to your ensembles to get more outfits out of fewer pieces.

animal print skirt funky print dress polka dots dress

When aiming for a trendy look, you may opt for trendy prints like animal prints, stripes, polka dots, geometric, or even funky prints so you’ll make an effortless statement. If you prefer more classic looks, opt for classic prints like stripes, polka dots, houndstooth and animal prints like leopard, zebra, snake, and such. On the other hand, if funky styles are your preference, you may opt for graphic prints in funky styles like chicken prints, word prints, and such. This way, you’ll keep your looks hip and trendy in an effortless way as these prints were a major trend.

camouflage print jacket military jacket with all black outfit navy jacket with classic outfit

Also, look for trendy themes you love that you can easily incorporate with your existing street looks. For instance, Mary nailed the military trend by wearing a camouflage print jacket with her casual looks and a military style jacket with her chic outfit. All you need is to look for key pieces like camouflage print ensembles, khaki colored pieces, and even olive green colored ensembles to match with your street looks.

flared pans with denim jacket flared pants with poncho flared pants with trendy top

Also, bohemian feel are best described by anything flared. You may opt for flared pants and match it with your existing street looks like tank tops, basic tees, and even knitted tops. You may complement the bohemian theme by pairing your flared pants with ponchos like Mary did. It’s up to you if you’ll like to accessorize with bohemian accessories like tasseled bags and fringed shoes. As long as you keep it simple, you’re making the looks effortless but trendy.

button down shirt with denim pants graphic shirt with leather skirt overalls with oversized top striped top with flared pants

Also, nailing two different trends at a time could be great. Mary creative wore a half-tucked button down shirt with distressed boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee with a leather skirt, overalls with an oversized top, and a striped top with flared jeans. You may also look for key pieces that are trendy like anything flared, anything with camouflage prints, fringe details, a trench coat, a pair of doc martens, and even fashion runners. It’s up to you to decide how trendy and hip you want your looks to be and creatively mix and match your existing ensembles in your wardrobe.

Following fashion trends could be fun and hip. However, putting your own spin on them is a more fun way to showcase your creativity and personality. So be bold on your street looks and be hip and trendy showcasing your style and your personality.


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