Marta Pozzan: Creative Ways to Make Fashion Statement

Born in Milan but now living in Los Angeles, Marta Pozzan is an Italian blogger known for her creative street looks that features the mix of her European roots with her American lifestyle. Marta loves to express her creativity through more fashion-forward styles European, sophisticated, tomboy, colorful, minimalists, edgy, whimsical with a statement and colorful accessories and unexpected matches. Started her blog It’s Super Fashion in 2012, she shares her bold outfits that transcend trends as well as her edgy and urban style that is very sophisticated at the same time. Looking for inspiration how to make a fashion statement in a creative way? Keep on scrolling to scoop some Marta’s tricks.

statement sandals with white outfit

statement shoes with black jumpsuit statement shoes with sophisticated outfit

If you’re looking forward to spicing up your monochrome outfit, then wear statement shoes. You don’t need to go overboard by picking something neon or flashy. Just the slightest unique design, pattern or color is what you need to dress up your plain looks and let your shoes do all the talking. Marta creatively wore neutral and plain outfit with her statement footwear as wearing statement pieces all at once will make you look over-the-top.

statement necklace with sophisticated outfit statement necklace with white dress

Wearing statement jewelry in a muted outfit brings some class and elegance to your style. Opt for a nice necklace you can wear with your neutral outfit or accessories that match the colors you are already wearing. Keep it simple as over accessorizing will just make you look unorganized and trying hard.

statement clutch with watercolor print outfit statement bag with pink outfit

Like your statement shoes, a handbag can be a great accessory for your statement looks. With so many handbag styles and designs, it’s a great thing owning some of them to show off your personality with class and style. Some may look very simple and basic while some are made with luxurious and elegant materials that are great for dressing up your simple outfit. Marta opted for a handbag or clutch with a delicate design like fur, gemstones, gold accents, and even metallic ones.

color blocked dress colorful print shirtdress colorful sweater with yellow sneakersfunky sweater with yellow pumps pink and gray coat with jeans quirky top with jeans

Make use of creative prints and patterns as well as bold colors in your outfit to make a statement. Like Marta, picking some color blocked dresses, a floral print dress, a sweater with funky prints as well as matching the color of your footwear with your outfit will be great. When wearing your statement ensembles, keep your accessories muted so it wouldn’t look overdone.

crochet top with white jeans fur coat with funky print dress leather outfit with fur fur coat with pink shoes patent leather skirt with funky blouse

You can also make a statement by playing with textures, cuts, and fits of your clothes. You don’t always need to wear clothing that hugs your figure if you don’t want to. Marta opted for an unconventional style of her outfit with a loose fitting and with a leather and fur texture. On the other hand, if you like clothing that hugs your figure then go for a leather skirt and a loose fitting top to create some balance like Marta did. You can make your clothing pop by mixing and matching fabrics like fur, leather, chiffon, cashmere, suede, cotton and such.

pink outfit with quirky shoes quirky heart print shirt with yellow heels pink dress with socks and sandals colorful outfit with boots

For a more creative way of making a statement, you may go for some quirky details. You may break some fashion rules like wearing socks with sandals for a quirky statement. Also, wearing an unconventional style of clothes, sporting shoes with funky prints, as well as mixing some unusual color combinations will be nice.

Aside from your fashionable pieces, confidence is something that is instantly noticeable and will definitely make a statement. As when you feel good, you look good also. Make use of your statement pieces to punch up your blandest outfits and make a bold, confident statement that will help you create a fashion statement that turns heads.


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