Marble Cup Cakes recipe

Marble Cup Cakes  recipe.
Well this wasn’t quite the Saturday I was expecting, I thought I would be baking in a new kitchen of a new house. Unfortunately our sale fell through, which initally we were gutted about but we’ve found a lovely little Victorian house to rent instead which we will be moving into next weekend! So all is well in the end.
I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog called ‘Saturday Kitchen’. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a brilliant cook, I mainly use packet mixes but I find the whole thing therapeutic  I like seeing something come together, so yes. New lifestyle feature to make this blog a little more, me.
This week’s recipe is ‘Easter Marble Cup Cakes’ inspired by Becky at Milk Bubble Tea (make sure you check out her recipe!) I added a little creme egg surprise in them too. Admittedly, it was probably me who brought on the snow as I’ve been planning to do these all week and now it looks nothing like Easter, so apologies for that!Marble Cup Cakes  recipe
Betty Crocker Marble Cake Mix
2 Medium Eggs
210ml Water
90ml of Vegetable Oil
Chocolate Sprinkles
A Packet of Mini Eggs
A Packet of Mini Creme Eggs
Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing
Pretty simple using packet mix! Pre heat the oven at 180c, mix the cake mix, water, eggs and oil together in a big mixing bowl. Take out 8 generous table spoons and put into a separate bowl, where you add the cocoa powders and mix until smooth and lumpless! Add the vanilla cake mix into the cupcake cases (I used these incase the creme eggs decided to over spill!) and place the creme egg in the middle. Then add some more mix on top so you cover the egg right up. Marble Cup Cakes  recipe how to
After add the chocolate cake mix and swirl it around a bit until you get a nice marble effect. Make sure the eggs are covered up and put them in the oven for around 15-20 minutes depending on how effective your oven is. Mine is very 🙁 Once they are done put them on a rack to cool before icing them, otherwise it drips and melts and doesn’t look so pretty!Marble Cup Cakes
To decorate I cheated and used Betty Crocker’s pre made Vanilla Icing, as I am not great at decorating! Smooth it over the top, place a cute little mini egg in the middle and add chocolate sprinkles. And hey presto. You have yourself some very Easter-ey treats to take your mind off the snow!
Marble Cup Cakes  recipe yumMarble Cup Cake
Phew, after all that hard work I decided to settle down with one and a cup of tea before getting started on the packing.
p.s. As Becky suggested, make sure you freeze the creme eggs to stop them melting!
Hope you enjoyed the new feature, let me know what you think!