Mango Desert

I love love love MANGOS! They are so yummy 🙂 and did you know in Hong Kong they actually have places that do “healthy deserts” like mango, watermelon, other fruits etc 🙂 it is surprisingly yummy and obviously a little better for you than normal deserts because it is all fruit! (and a little bit extra but we shall keep that to ourselves 



If I remember correctly the first pot is like a “mango brulee” where there was creamy milk filling at the bottom, and filled with fresh mango cubes, the next one was frozen mango with mango cubes, and also aloe vera I think (aloe vera’s actually very yummy guys), the last one is jelly mango with condensed milk. Now normally I just go for mango cubes, but this was a special “3 course” mango platter and I thought I would try it 😉 it was delicious!
So when my dad brought home this mango: I knew I wanted to try and make my own mango desert! (btw, he didn’t buy all these mangoes haha, just brought a few)
These are the mango’s that my dad buys, you can find them at your local market, and they are normally from Thailand, I prefer these mango’s because they are much sweeter and smell sooo yummy :p
Whereas these mangos are nice too but easier to find as they are normally available to buy from Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s:


I made this by slicing 2/3s of the yellow mangos and then mashed it all up, then with the other 1/3 I cubed the rest of it and put it all on top 🙂 it was so yummy!
What’s your favourite fruit that’s also a desert? 🙂
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