Makeup Tips for Women with Eyeglasses

When it comes to makeup, one of the things that a lot of us really spend time on is the eye which is why sometimes it can be discouraging to wear makeup when you have glasses on. It’s understandable, though. I mean, why waste your time mixing and matching colors and blending them all together to create the perfect look when it’s all going to be masked up by your glasses in the end right? Plus, if your vision really is that bad, it can be hard to do makeup without your glasses on so you can  only imagine the struggle. To all the ladies out there who are wearing eyeglasses, don’t be upset. There are things you can do to make eyeglasses and eye makeup coexist in harmony. Here are some makeup tips for women with eyeglasses.

  • Wear neutral colors – if you find that you have a hard time picking what eye shadow colors to wear on a day to day basis when wearing glasses, save yourself the hassle and go for neutral colors all the time instead. You don’t want to draw too much attention to your eyes because you want other facial assets  to shine as well so the attention that glasses bring to your face is often enough for simple and casual looks. If you can’t live without the least bit of bright color on your face, use it on your lips or your cheeks instead.

neutral colored eye shadow

neutral makeup look

  • Color for black frames – if you wear black frames, you’re lucky (and you have good taste, too!) because you can pretty much wear any eye shadow color including bright and bold one since black is a neutral color that functions as some kind of frame to your eye makeup. It won’t clash with the colors but would rather make them stand out. To make your eye shadow colors look more vibrant behind your specs, use primer before you apply.

simple makeup and eyeglasses eyeglasses and lashes

  • Choose to wear gel liner – when wearing eyeglasses, make sure to choose to wear gel liner instead of pencil liner. Gel line is much more pigmented and tends to show up better behind your lenses. Pencil eye liner, on the other hand, tends to go on a bit lighter so they may not be as visible behind your glasses as they would be if you weren’t wearing glasses.

bronzy brown eye makeup look club master eyeglasses

  • Mind your brows – if there’s one step you shouldn’t skip on when doing your makeup and wearing your glasses is to do your brows. Groom them and shape them well and make sure they stand out. Your brows will help frame your eyes so they don’t get too overwhelmed by your eyeglasses’ frame. You can do this with a freehand or, if you’re new to brow shaping, with the help of eyebrow shaping stencils.

well groomed brows black wayfarer style glasses

  • Conceal and correct under eyes – if you have issues with dark under eye circles and you’re wearing glasses, you might want to go the extra mile to conceal and correct those since they tend to look even darker behind your specs. Try using a brightening concealer or serum or CC cream to address your under eye issues.

thin brows animal print glasses bright under eyes


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