Makeup Storage Solutions and Ideas

Makeup Storage Solutions and Ideas :

Whether you have a lot or a little, storing your makeup can always be tricky.
You all have seen the hundreds of different set ups that I have had my makeup in, and still to this day, I have new ideas on how to store it.
My ultimate goal is to have a bigger space dedicated to makeup and what not, but until then, you want to utilize the space you have so everything fits well.
I have learned a few things along the way when it comes to storing makeup, and I wanted to share those with you. I seem to get a lot of questions on this topic, so I think tips and tricks are always helpful.
If you want to see my makeup collection, I do have one uploaded on my YouTube channel (link in side bar), that you can look at. It has changed in terms of me just buying more makeup 😉
Lets get some makeup storage  ideas…
DIVIDE & CONQUERMakeup-Storage-Solution
 A lot of the reason that people don’t get a lot of use out of their products is that they can’t see what they have. When you have things stacked upon stacks, you tend to forget that your could-be favorite blush is hiding underneath a bunch of other blushes.
What I did was place little dividers into my acrylic storage. In my blush and bronzer drawer, you will see that I placed a little divider to the right that sections off my M.A.C blushes and beauty powders. This allows more room without stacking. I still want to get a few more little dividers into this drawer to really separate what I’ve got and make room.
In my misc. eye drawer, you will see this neat little three section tray that I actually purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond for under $10. I have another one of these in the drawer above it! It has a longer section on the side where I put all of my cream eye shadows and paint pots, a smaller section on the bottom where I put the few pigments I own, and then a sort of ribbed section on the top where you can put pencils. What’s great about this little organizer is that it’s so shallow that it can fit nearly anywhere, no matter how little your drawers are. It keeps things nicely in place so my pencils and jars aren’t floating around.
TAKE CARE OF SKIN CAREMakeup-Storage-idea
I have to be honest that when I look at makeup collections and people just have a wide array of skin care products just taking up an entire corner of their vanity, I get a little compulsive attack. First of all, in no way are you going to use the 30 products you are keeping there on a daily basis, second of all, it just looks space consuming.
I went to Target and found this little three piece divider, and put it to good use. I took the top skin/hair/body care items I use EVERY single day and put them into this divider. I took the rest of my collections and put them into a little cube organizer next to my vanity, hidden away in the little drawers so that it looks less cluttered. I still know they are there, I still can reach for them easily, but they aren’t overpowering my space.
My entire day/night skin care routine fits in here, as well as my every day body moisturizer, hair product, MAC lotions and deodorant.


Another little pet peeve of mine is when people have little baskets on top of their desk that are just filled to the brim with every day products or things they don’t have room for. A lot of the time I see lipsticks tossed about because they can be a space consuming product.
I ventured out to the Container Store and found this 24 pc. lipstick holder. This is a great way to house your lip products without tossing them anywhere, and having an attractive piece on your table. These are incredibly affordable, even the biggest (they range in how many slots you can get) is under $10. With mine, I chose to put my 17 MAC lipstick shades, and then to fill up the extra space for now I put my 7 Revlon Lip Butters!
lipstick storage
 A lot of us tend to pick up backups of our favorite items or new products that we see on sale, but just aren’t ready to open up yet. My biggest weakness lately has been mascara. I think that I have about 5 or 6 mascaras that I haven’t opened up yet because I want to use my old ones up first.
I like to keep my things in their packages until I open them, that way I kind of trick myself into thinking I’ve just purchased something new. Because the boxes are often bulky and take up a bit of space, backups tend to need their own drawer. I don’t have an extra drawer in my acrylic cube, so I chose this little basket that I can keep off on the side of my collection for when I’m ready to reach for something. I keep this along with my LUSH products on a little end table where they are in sight, but not in the way.
Decorative baskets and jars can be helpful for storing anything from back ups, lush products, even brushes. Just make sure you don’t commit the “clutter my vanity with a bunch of shit” rule I expressed earlier 😉
When I first started my makeup collection, I had a bunch of the white and clear Sterilite containers for it. It was cheap and convenient and you could divide a lot of your stuff. However, as my collection grew, and my taste for a better/more attractive way of storing things did, I wanted to switch things up. So I ditched the drawers for my acrylic cube, and ditched all the single Sterilite pieces I had for my hair and nail stuff and bought a nail polish rack and these cute boxes and trunks to store things.
This particular trunk was in a recent haul, and I found this at Hobby Lobby for about $20. These little accents, especially when you have the space to house these things on shelves or displayed, look much more attractive than the plastic drawers.
I hope that my makeup storage tips is  helpful!
If you have any questions about storage or how I do anything, please leave a comment, I always respond!

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