Makeup Lessons from Kim Kardashian’s Signature Look

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular personalities in Hollywood. Everyone seems to have a love-hate thing for her and her family but there’s no denying that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are the prettiest brood in Hollywood. Kim, in particular, has been very experimental with her look lately but even while doing that, she manages to maintain her signature beauty look that is sexy and sultry.  Here are some makeup lessons from Kim Kardashian’s signature look we’ve managed to snatch up in all the years of following her.

  • KNOW WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU AND STICK TO IT – over the years, Kim Kardashian has sported plenty of looks but the moment she wore those smoky eyes paired up with sexy nude lips, she never went back. Well except, of course, for the occasional red lip that she wears so well, too. Everyone is different and what looks good on one may not look as nice on the other so play with makeup and find a look that you like then stick to it.

kim kardashian best look

rosy cheeks and pink lips

  • BROWS ARE IMPORTANT – brows are important. They frame the face. If you haven’t paid much attention to your brows in the past, you should definitely try your best to squeeze in an appointment at a brow bar to get a pro to help you find the perfect brow shape for your face and get your brows to look impeccable. Follow up and maintenance are musts!

glam makeup gorgeous look

  • TAKE THE TIME TO FIND YOUR MATCH – Kim Kardashian has gorgeous olive skin and you never see her wearing foundation that doesn’t exactly match that. Figuring out which brands and shades match your skin perfectly can be time consuming (not to mention costly at first) but it is well worth it.

kim with blonde hair natural makeup look

  • LEARN TO CONTOUR – Kim is the queen of contouring. She knows how to contour her own face and has even posted several pictures with tips and tricks for the makeup technique. Contouring brings out the best of your features. It draws attention to your assets while concealing and minimizing your flaws. It’s actually quite easy and there are a ton of tutorials you can find online to help you out.

contouring by kim kardashian contouring on point

  • NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF NEUTRAL SHADES – you don’t need bright and vibrant colors to make yourself look as stunning as Kim Kardashian. In fact, all you need are neutral shades to get her look.

nude lips and light eye makeup light and neutral makeup

  • UP YOUR LASH GAME – don’t feel like putting lots of makeup on today? That’s fine but at least put some mascara on. Kim claims that her lashes are natural but whether that’s true or not is not the point. The point here is that her lashes are always on flee: curved and coated with mascara. This gives her peepers that sexy and seductive look.

kim kardashian lashes nude and natural


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