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Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation review

HI Girls, here si my review of Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation!
Today HD is part of everyday life. Across social media, on cellphones and cameras and video chatting, everybody is nostalgic about having a perfect complexion and naturally flawless skin that looks pleasant on HD cameras.

Foundation in 115 Ivory shade
(for light skin with pink undertones)


MAKEUP FOREVER came up with a solution for an effortless touching – up – on- the go. They created a new innovation of makeup with advance formula that is invisible to HD cameras or on-screen. This foundation is designed to meet the exposure concern of people on the spotlight, simply because it gives the skin a rich-soft effect so that it can not be seen by the naked eye and can not be identified by HD cameras. This is truly a perfect foundation for them as it can stand bright and harsh lighting
THE HD INVISIBLE COVER FOUNDATION by Makeup Forever is an oil-free liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections and reveals a flawless skin. With its oil-free formula this foundation discloses a lovely coverage concealing all the skin’s imperfections completely. It is infused with moisturizing agents so that it makes your skin soft and supple, and it smoothly glides over your skin providing an even application of the foundation. And even after full coverage on the face, the foundation remains unnoticeable.Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ivory swatch
This invisible foundation is versatile. You can use it everyday for a smooth and flawless skin. It works well in oily skin, as it tends to hide the oiliness and it doesn’t cause any breakouts nor clogged the pores. Even blemished skin can look amazingly perfect when this foundation is applied on to it. The finish is really nice and it can stand for up to eight hours. Dry skin goes well also with this one without flaking and even to some degree it can cover eczema on the skin. But to some people who have many blemishes or scar, they may need extra effort to do a layering as it might only blur the imperfection and not actually cover them up completely.Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation 115 ivory
For the packaging, HD Invisible Cover Foundation comes in a lovely bottle with a pump that is easy to push and dispenses just the right amount. Drying up of the stuff inside the nozzle is not at all an issue with this one. It’s fine and smooth texture doesn’t build up inside so there’s no worry about it settling then spitting out intensely. The glass is sturdy enough so it won’t break when accidentally dropped.
The price is a little too expensive ($40.00 for 1.01 oz.) but it can last 6-9 months with everyday of use. But actually the price pays off because you would only need just 1 pump for the entire face and it will give you a nice job of smoothing your face all over and giving you an even toned skin. So why not give a try and see the difference it makes on your face.
It can stand bright and harsh lighting
Hide skin imperfection
Cover up skin blemishes
Oil-free formula
Sturdy packaging
Long lasting usage
Too expensive
RATING: 4  from5