Makeup for your next vacation!

Makeup for your next vacation!

Hi dolls! I won’t be posting for a while now, because I am going on a much needed vacation! I say much needed, because, well, you know those saas bahu serials? Yes, the irritating ones. Well, I live in a saas bahu serial :-/
Anyway, coming back to happier things, I thought of doing a post on how much makeup you should carry when you’re going for a holiday. You want to look good, but there’s no need to carry your entire collection. Let’s get started!

1) Skin care-
Ok, don’t leave anything behind. I mean it. Your skin care routine should be maintained even when you’re on holiday. If you don’t want to carry full sized products, you can buy small plastic bottles (available at NewU) and pour the necessary amount of product into those.
Check out my skin care routine

2) Face-
No foundations for me! I worry about the bottle breaking. Skin79 BB cream works well for my skin and gives good coverage. For powder, I don’t recommend loose powders. Carry a regular compact or something like Mac Studio Fix powder plus which can be used lightly or you can build it up for heavier coverage. Also, I do recommend carrying a concealer.Makeup-for-your-next-vacation

3) Lips-
I will be carrying 3 lipsticks- a soft pink ( MLBB), a brighter pinkish coral shade and a red lipstick. Also, I’ll be carrying a tinted lip balm and a clear gloss.Makeup-for-vacation

4) Eyes-
Kajal and liquid eyeliner. I don’t use eyeshadows when I’m travelling. But if you wish to, you can carry a neutral palette. Also, I’ll probably be taking a white eyeliner pencil.

5) Cheeks-
I don’t recommend carrying too many brushes. One natural pinkish shade should do. You can carry a cream or powder blush, depending on your preference.Makeup-for-your-vacation

6) Brushes-
I’ll be carrying my dual ended brush for foundation and concealer. A blush brush and a powder brush are musts too! If you intend to carry eye shadows, an applicator brush and a blending brush should do.Makeup-for-next-vacation

7) Nails:
I’ll be using only a top coat on my nails before leaving, so that I don’t have to worry about it chipping. I don’t recommend carrying any nail paints. I mean, you can if you wish to . But I don’t feel the need.

Additionally, don’t forget to carry tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitizers.

If I’ve missed out on something, let me know. I’m leaving tomorrow night and your comments may lead to some helpful packing changes!
See you soon guys. Mwah!



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