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Magnetic Nail Polish Review

 Magnetic Nail Polish Review

Having passed up other ‘easy’ nail art solutions like all those shatter polishes and nail wrap things I had absolutely zero intention of investing in the latest talon trend to hit the shelves.

However, a powerful attraction (couldn’t help it, sorry) pulled me towards 17’s promo stand while I was in Boots the other day and I couldn’t help but slip one of their new Magnetized nail polishes into my basket.

This was a bit of a risky purchase for me as I don’t usually like nail art, I admire it on others but it’s not something I’m really into.

Generally I like to play it safe with plain polish but for some reason I was drawn to these.

Out of the four available colours I opted for the dark grey/silver shade which in its bottle looks just like any other metallic polish.

This is it sans effect.
Magnetic Nail Polish Review1

Now, in order for the magic to happen it’s quite simple all you do is paint each nail, one at a time with a generous coating of the polish, I found a thicker amount worked best.

Then straight away while the nail is still wet hold the clever cap which has a built in magnetic strip, over the top of the nail.

Depending on the direction you place the magnet over your nail different effects can be achieved.

Allow the little shelf to rest on your finger enabling you to hold the cap at the perfect distance away from your nail to prevent any polish from smudging.
Magnetic Nail Polish Review2
Luckily for someone as impatient as myself the whole process is very quick and the effects are almost instant, it takes around ten seconds maximum.

And here’s the result… instantly mesmerising nails.
Magnetic Nail Polish Review3
I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve had about my nails when I’ve worn this but everyone seems to think it looks amazing and I for one can’t stop staring them.

They almost look 3-D when they hit different lights.
Magnetic Nail Polish Review4
This look isn’t for everyone and to be honest I didn’t think it was for me but having tried it I actually really like this quirky look for days when I’m feeling slightly more adventurous.

I know there are several brands doing these magnetic polishes at the moment but to be honest they all look identical shade wise so if you are feeling the pull towards these too then I’d definitely recommend 17’s version for just over a fiver at £5.99 a bottle.