Mac’s Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review

Mac’s Glitter and Ice Collection Haul ReviewMacs-Glitter-and-Ice-Collection-Haul-Review


Just like surfing the obligatory crimson wave, Mac hauls used to be a regular monthly occurrence in my life, but lately their (many, many) collections have been slightly overwhelming and in my viewdisappointing which has led me to skip the periodical purchasing of them.

However, this month I seem to be back on track with Mac after falling in love with their newest collection, Glitter and Ice, which hit counters last Thursday.

What was meant to be a quick peek at their holiday offerings led of course to a few purchases; the ice princess in me just couldn’t resist!
Mac's Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review1
I’m a complete sucker for packaging, especially when Mac changes theirs, so the slightly clinical, Apple-esque look grabbed my attention instantly.

I have heard some describe it as being cheap looking but personally I think the patent white is winter perfect and adds some snowy sophistication to my mostly black collection!
Mac's Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review2

L-R - Let's Skate Paint Pot, Morning Frost Paint Pot and Double Spin lipstick.

I’ve tried many a cream shadow but I always seem to go back to Mac’s paint pots for their durability and capability to resist creasing on the lids, so when I saw these two shades they had to be mine.

Let’s Skate is a stunning milky pink crammed with hot pink and soft gold glitter throughout; texture wise it isn’t as smooth as normal paint pots but still easy to use and highly blendable.

Generally, I would use paint pots as a base but this shade isn’t one for layering, it looks amazing built up on its own; it almost looks like your lids have had a sprinkling of sparkling snow on them, subtle but stunning and I think unique.
Mac's Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review3

L-R - Morning Frost and Let's Skate paint pots applied lightly.

Gorgeously metallic and creamy, Morning Frost, is the most wearable of the bunch and perfect for a neutral lover like myself. Although it is shimmery there are no glitter particles in it like in Let’s Skate so it’s much smoother and good worn alone or as a base.

This mid-tone brown with a hint of taupe has been my ‘go to’ eyeshadow the last few days and I love it applied simply on its own. It can be worn sheer or layered for a more intense look, use fingers for the best application.

Note: If you do own Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit it is very similar!

Mac's Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review4
T-B - Morning Frost, Let's Skate and Double Spin.

Last but not least and possibly my favourite purchase from Glitter and Ice is Double Spin lipstick, acremesheen formulation that I’m now addicted to.

This shade will not be for everyone but for serious nude addicts this colour is a must have; it’s a milky pink with unusually mauve undertones.

It is very pale but because of the cremesheen texture and tone it’s creamy on the lips and not at allcakey like most nudes.

Personally, I love Double Spin worn alone (below) but I also think it makes a great base for coloured lipgloss to sit upon in order to get the true glosses colour. I also wore it over Snob yesterday to tone it down a little which looked pretty.
Mac's Glitter and Ice Collection Haul Review5
All in all I’m very impressed with my recent acquisitions from Glitter and Ice and glad to be on friendlier terms with Mac, oh how I’ve missed those monthly collection splurges!

The collection is available at counters and online at Mac, Selfridges and Debenhams.

Ohh and I also did a more in depth YT vid on the collection HERE.

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