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Mac’s Cute Collection haul and review with swatches

Mac’s Cute Collection haul and review with swatches


This collection had me a little confused, at first I was soooo in (Hello, peaches ahoy), then I wassoooo out (I really don’t need anymore) but in the end my passion for all things peachy won out and I shamelessly hauled Mac’s latest collection.

Quite Cute is very aptly named as it is simply just that, quite cute.

The key being in the word quite; the products are not very cute or gotta have that cute but yes, quite cute.

There are some nice colours in this rather small and compact collection but all I saw when ordering was peach, peach and more peach.

Playing Koi lipstick

Mac's Cute Collection haul and review with swatches1

This for me is the winner from the collection without a doubt.

Playing Koi is a killer combo of being a pale, almost but not quite concealer like nude with a gorgeous hint of pretty peach.

Mac's Cute Collection

I’m not going to say everything about this lipstick is peachy because it’s not, the colour is fab and I love it on the lips but the formula is a bit of a let down.

Playing Koi has a Satin finish and is rather drying on the lips, this consistency teamed with the paleness makes it quite hard to apply.

As long as you have smooth and primed lips this looks great but any hint of dry skin or cracking and it stands out a mile, this lipstick is not forgiving.

But if you do have lips in good condition this is a beautiful colour for the spring/summer and a lovely unique nude to own.

It would have been my favourite ever lipstick had the formula been that of an ultra creamycremesheen.

Bubble Tea Plushglass
Mac's Cute Collection haul and review with swatches2

My first ever Plushglass, I’m not really a fan of plumping glosses in general as I’ve never owned one that does anything so have never tried Mac’s version.

Bubble Tea is actually really lovely, it isn’t a sickly sweet peachy nude but a very natural, softer toned and almost muted peachy nude.

It leaves that tingly feeling on the lips but like I said before no visible plumping difference just a nice creamy feeling and shiny finish.

On it’s own it gives a sheer and subtle colour but paired with Playing Koi leaves a lovely pale, pinkypeach shade.

Playing Koi with Bubble Tea on top.
Mac's Cute Collection haul and review with swatches3

Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
Mac's Cute Collection haul and review with swatches4

Probably the prettiest blush to look at that I’ve seen in a long time, it really is quite cute isn’t it?

But unfortunately that’s all it is, eye candy plain and simple.

The colour payoff on Miss Behave isn’t great and the colour is super pale and chalky.

It is non existent on my face but weirdly I have found a use for it in my daily routine. After applying contour and a bit of bronzer instead of using my setting powder to soften edges and tone down the effect I now reach for this.

It does work well for this but definitely not worth purchasing for this purpose alone.

Mac's Cute Collection haul and review with swatches5

Playing Koi, Bubble Tea and Miss Behave.

All in all a nice little collection but nothing amazing, if your a peach/nude lover then Playing Koimust be yours and if you like more of the subtle peach then Bubble Tea is lovely.