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Mac Wonder Woman – Spitfire Lipstick

Mac Wonder Woman – Spitfire Lipstick

The Mac Wonder Woman collection seemed like a new approach to the famous Mac collaboration collections, after all it’s not often that superheros and makeup companies go together. Personally, I thought it was a great idea – after the cutesy Hello Kitty and Disney-style collections are great but I felt this would be something bolder…perhaps a little more daring.Mac-Wonder-Woman-–-Spitfire-Lipstick

However, once images were released I had mixed opinions about it. For one the packaging looked terrible! Very tacky, overly cartoonish and not something I would care to take out of my handbag.Mac-Wonder-Woman-Spitfire-Lipstick review

The lovely folks at Mac were kind enough to provide me with the Spitfire lipstick for testing. Spitfire is a vivid, yet wearable pink-purple shade that I would class as magenta…on perhaps Fandango if you’re feel a little more specific. There are fairly strong purple tones in a pink base and it’s bright without being neon.Mac-Wonder-Woman Spitfire-Lipstick review swatch

Unfortunately the lip swatches are not totally accurate, I have a tough time capturing purple shades for some reason (have the same issue with purple nail polish and eye shadow!) The skin swatch is definitely closer in tone than the lip swatches, which I feel throw more pink – unfortunate, as I actually prefer the shade of the lip swatch.Mac-Wonder-Woman-Spitfire-Lipstick swatchMac-Wonder-Woman-Spitfire-Lipstick lips

This lipstick is a satin finish but I found it a lot creamier and more moist than many of Mac’s other satin-finish lipsticks. I would liken it more to the cremesheen formulation.

Mac-Wonder-Woman-Spitfire-Lipstick image

Unfortunately the shade was just a touch too purple on me, so I passed it on to my little sister (who, conversely, loved the packaging.) I found it was much more flattering on her as she’s a little warmer in complexion and has dark hair – in fact she now has a purple streak in her hair almost that exact same colour…so needless to say, Spitfire was just perfect for her.

The Wonder Woman collection is currently available online at the Mac Australiawebsitande  the lipsticks are retailing for $37AUD.