MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Eyeshadows Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Here is my review of MAC Warm & Cozy eyeshadows photos, swatches – Chamomile, Mulled Cider,Modelette & Embark

On December 26th in the US (the rest of us usually get it all a few weeks later) MAC is releasing two collections- Warm & Cozy and Love Lace. Warm vs Cool (well, it’s not a competition really but I love that there’s something for everyone). I’m totally a warm girl so I’ve been very excited about Warm & Cozy. I like and wear cool tones but Love Lace is all a bit blue for me.

I’ve already blogged about the Warm & Cozy MSFs- Comfort and By Candlelight, you can check it out here.

Today I’ll be rambling about three of the eyeshadows from the collection- Chamomile, Mulled Cider and Embark. I didn’t get Modelette because I already have too many peaches… not that it’s stopped me before but sometimes it’s good to show some restraint! I really like these shadows, they’re great neutrals, however they’re nothing groundbreaking. Just my opinion of course!

 MAC Chamomile eyeshadow

review_warmcozy_eyeshadows MAC Chamomile Eyeshadow

Chamomile is a satin, meaning it’s smooth in texture, nicely pigmented and has a soft sheen rather than frost, shimmer or sparkle. It’s described my MAC as being creamy pale yellow. I think it’s more a mix of cream, gold and pale yellow, but I can see this one wearing differently on different skin tones. Despite the tonne of pale/highlight shadows I stupidly own, this one is different. Actually I couldn’t use it as a highlight, it is too golden. I’ll be using it as a lid colour.

MAC Mulled Cider eyeshadow

MAC Mulled Cider Eyeshadow

Mulled Cider is another Satin, and just the perfect mid toned warm brown. It’s described by MAC as dark warm brown. I don’t think it’s super dark, especially compared to Embark. And it’s not too warm, I can see lots of people getting use out of this one. I can picture myself with Chamomile on the lid, Mulled Cider in the crease and Embark in the outer corners for an easy, simple and defined look.

MAC Embark eyeshadow
MAC Embark Eyeshadow
Embark is matte and a permanent shadow from the MAC range, meaning it’s always available to buy. Described my MAC as intense reddish brown. Described by me as boring dark brown. But that’s ok, even the not so exciting shades have their place. Embark is the perfect outer corner and outer V shadow. It instantly deepens and creates depth to eye looks and blends out really easily. Mine is from a warm eye palette from a few years ago, it works perfectly with other warm shades.

MAC Modelette Eyeshadow
MAC Modelette Eyeshadow


Top- Bottom: swatched over MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Embark, Mulled Cider, Chamomile

MAC Eyeshadows Chamomile, Modelette, Mulled Cider, Embark

The shadows have great pigmentation- here are my swatching fingers afterwards!

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