MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Dupe

DUPE 8 | MAC Vegas Volt l/s

Tangerine is this year’s “color of the year” so this dupe comes in quite handy for just that. MAC Vegas Volt is an amplified lipstick (full pigmentation, non-drying, lasts long) that is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks FOTD. It’s a great color to wear especially for the spring/summer. Jen from clothesencounter sports this lipstick a lot.
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Dupe
It is a reddish coral orange – quite the perfect blend of all of them actually. It’s bold without being too bold like your typical orange or red lipstick. I’ve tried to dupe this many times and have tried everything close that you can think of (Kate Moss for Rimmel #12, NYX Femme, NYX Sunflower). Most reddish oranges swatch too dark butthese don’t.
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick comparision MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Swatch
MAC Vegas Volt shade
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Shade
1) LA Girl Pure Ecstasy ($2-$3) – When swatched, it’s too light but on the lips it’s actually closer than Demure. It’s a bit lighter than Vegas Volt and a tad bit more orange.
2)  LA Girl Demure ($2-$3) – It looks identical when swatched on the arm (although NYX Femme looks like the perfect dupe when swatched too but applies too dark on the lips example) but applies slightly darker/redder.
All in all, you’re fine getting either one of them (Pure Ecstasy is closer but barely) but the blend of the two would be the exact dupe of Vegas Volt. Buying the two and melting them would be a silly idea of course. They sell on for $2.50 each (free shipping over $40) but I purchased mine off of for $2 each (free shipping over $20! Haul will be coming up soon ~).
I’m glad I duped most of my MAC lipsticks thus far because I’m going to be swapping them away to try out new and different colors. Good luck duping your collection if you’re going to try!