MAC Surf, Baby!liquid lip balm LILT OF LILY review

 MAC Surf, Baby!liquid lip balm LILT OF LILY review

Along with yesterday’s post about the Mac Surf Baby Lipstick and Lipglass; there is one more type of lip product featured in this colour collection. The Suntint spf20 lip balms are a brand new product from Mac and are a very lightly tinted lip balm designed to hydrate the lips, protect against sun damage and provide a sheer, glossy shine. There have been a few iterations of these type of products in the Mac line, including the Tinted (and un-tinted) Lip Conditioner pots and sticks, as well as the plain lip conditioner in the tube. The Suntints are quite different in feel and appearance to all of these products.MAC-Surf-Babyliquid-lip-balm-LILT-OF-LILY-review

The Suntints come in three shades:

  • Lilt of Lily ~ Soft creamy pale pink
  • Full of Grace ~ Soft sheer rose
  • Pink Tinge ~ Clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl

I was provided with a tube of Lilt of Lily to review and I have been wearing it a fair bit! The balm itself is very thick, ultra-smooth and a bit on the sticky side, but it really does give the most incredible shine as you’ll see in the pictures below. The formulation feels more like a barrier-type product rather than a hydrating product, meaning it keeps lip coated and stops them from drying out but I don’t feel it actually adds any additional moisture.MAC-Surf-Babyliquid-lip-balm-LILT-OF-LILY-swatch

Lilt of Lilyis also completely clear for me save for the barest hint of lilac-pink which I can only see if I’m looking really close. This is a shame, as I would have loved a little more colour out of the Suntints, although from what I have seen online both of the other shades appear to have slightly more colour than this particular shade.MAC-Surf-Babyliquid-lip-balm-LILT-OF-LILY

I have been using this over the top of lip stains to add an incredible shine and to prevent my lips from looking and feeling dry (which stains can sometimes do.) Despite the lack of colour I do actually like the feel of the Suntint lip balm and it’s a product I’ll certainly use. The tube is very pretty and it makes a great handbag companion, so thumbs up from me!

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