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MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation review , photo, swatches NC15

Hello, hello!  Another one of my long-overdue reviews, hee ! This time MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC 15 review and swatches !

Before I start with the review, for reference, I have combination skin:

 MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation review
SWATCHES :  You’ll see the color, texture and what not. :3
(excuse my super dry skin~ ><)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation nc 15 swatchMAC Studio Sculpt Foundation swatchesMAC Studio Sculpt Foundation nc 15  review
So, let’s do a quick rundown on the pros and cons~

What I like about it:
♥ A little goes a loooong way! This is true, a pea-size amount is enough (sometimes even more than enough) to cover the entire face.
♥ Medium buildable coverage
♥ Lovely gel-like consistency; quite thick but very smooth and velvety
♥ Easy to blend
♥ Looks nice in photos
♥ SPF 15
♥ Wide range of shade selection
♥ Chic and easy-to-use packaging, easy to carry around and to travel with

What I don’t like about it:
– Makes my face look like an oil slick after only an hour or so, HUU! (unless I set it with powder, then it would take a couple more hours before it launches the oil fest, hoho)
– Non-existent oil control
– Feels a little heavy and cakey on the skin (especially after a few hours, when the oil starts to kick in, ew)
– Can look a bit blotchy and cakey up close, even with just a small amount of product used
– Doesn’t cover pores well
– Broke me out a little D: D: D:
– Easily fades away after several hours, because of the oiliness I think; it’s as if it melts off with it or sth
– Smells sort of like paint? Idk how to describe it~ It isn’t too bad, but it could be better.
– In my case, it looks nice when — AND ONLY WHEN — set with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (Okay, so the good stuff might just be coming from the MSF Powder then, idk lol~)
– Price =/= Quality (Around Php2000 at local MAC counters, I forgot the exact price, hee.)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation nc15

More Comments:
It took me a long while to write a review on this product. I wanted to love this SO MUCH! I tried to find different ways to make it work better for me — using a stippling brush, a kabuki brush, a damp sponge, fingers, or using less moisturizer under it, and so on — but it just didn’t happen, or at least it’s just not happening for me so far. 🙁

May I just say, while writing this review, I was still sort of convincing myself to love the product, but as I continued to write, I was like…*scrunched up face* Nah, I really don’t like it too much. LOL

Man, this foundation. *SIGHS* I remember being so thrilled when I bought this back then. Little girl had high hopes, yes, she did! Unfortunately, I was badly disappointed. Although the coverage and the texture of the foundation are quite lovely, I don’t like what it does to my skin at all. D:

Worn alone without setting with powder, it makes me look like someone mopped my face with baby oil or something after only a couple of hours of wearing. It looks blotchy when worn alone, and I’ve tried many ways of applying it okay lah! It also emphasizes the pores on the super dry bridge and tip of my nose. :S It does look pretty nice when set with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (which I love, btw!), although I would still have to touch up with powder after a few hours, otherwise my face would look super oily again.

I also don’t like how it feels heavy on the skin, and how after three or four hours, it would feel oily and cakey and sticky. You know how your skin would feel at the end of a hot, humid day, without blotting? Like, heavy and oily? Yeah, that’s pretty much how it feels.

Oh, and I think it broke me out a little! NUUU! *SLAPS STUDIO SCULPT FOUNDATION* HOW COULD YOU! ;^;

Gotta hand it to this one, though, it does photograph quite well! :3

There you go. I know a lot of people who absolutely adore and swear by MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, but I’m just not one of them. 🙁 Remember also that what may work for me may not work for others, and what may not work for me may be holy grail stuff for others. I reckon this will do well with people with dry skin? It’s a good foundation; it just doesn’t get along well with my skin type.

Maybe I’ll continue to use this once in a while for photos or when I won’t be out long, so as not to waste the product. But I’m sticking with my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for everyday use, and Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream and MAC Studio Fix Fluid (which photographs amazingly, btw, but oxidizes a little too dark on me sometimes, huu~) for special occasions.

Will I repurchase? Nah, this is no good for me, unfortunately. 🙁

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation review look

wearing the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation on face
Trying to look uljjang-like, but failing BAHAHA