MAC Select Cover-up Concealer Review

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Since purchasing the MAC Select cover-up concealer about two months ago, it has quickly become one of my everyday makeup products – and as there are so many different concealers out there, and choosing the perfect one can be tricky, I decided to write a review on this one.


As you can see from the photo above, the packaging is in a little tube, which you squeeze to apply the desired amount of product. I don’t like this packaging as much as pot or stick concealers, but it is still effective.


I found this concealer is best for concealing under the eye. I like to dab little dots under the eye and either use my ring finger, or a soft blending brush to blend it out.
I have the colour NW20 which is perfect for under the eyes because it is light and brightening. The consistency of this concealer is also perfect for under the eye because it is light and gives good coverage without being heavy or cakey around the eye.
This concealer is also ideal for concealing areas of redness as it blends easily and has buildable coverage, i have found it effective to use around the nose or on any large patches of discolouration.


The photo shows the the eye on the left, with concealer looks brighter and more even than the eye on the right. The concealer has blended into the skin for a natural finish and covered the under eye circles.
If you are looking for a concealer to cover spots or scars, this probably isn’t for you, but as an undereye and extra coverage concealer I think it is amazing!
I hope you found this review useful, leave a comment below telling me your favourite concealer!

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