MAC Riri Woo Lipstick Review

How are you doin’ all ladies!? So here is my review of the MAC Riri Woo Lipstick!

I’ve been wanting MAC’s Ruby Woo for a while now so when Riri Woo came on sale I thought I might as well get that as from what I can see they’re virtually the same. And i’m a sucker for anything limited edition. 

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick2MAC Riri Woo Lipstick3

So, as I said, it’s basically Ruby Woo with Rihanna’s signature on. A lot of people have been saying it’s a bit more blue toned, which I think I prefer. It’s super super matte, the most matte lipstick i’ve ever seen, but in no way drying. It’s highly pigmented and just makes your lips look like velvet. It’s such a rich, intense red that I instantly feel so glamorous when I put it on. I’ve been searching for the perfect red lipstick for years and I think i’ve finally found the one for me!
I think it may be sold out already as there was so much hype about it, but if you want something similar then Ruby Woo will be the next best thing.



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